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Team Challenge

I am so excited for Team Challenge HT this year!!!  I love this event each and every year, as I love the comraderie it creates.    We are looking for members on the Novice Team and Training Team.   I was afraid … Continue reading

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September Schooling HT

The Bluegrass Pony Club will be hosting a mini trial in September in Paris KY.   They are offering BN and below… Anyone game?  Thought it could be a very fun day?

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Kentucky Classic

So who’s up for Kentucky Classic?

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Richland Update

So this morning at 2am, Ashley, Ashley and I left the farm for the 8hr trip to Richland Park CIC in Michigan.  We chose to leave at that hour to make the trip in mid august as pleasant as possible … Continue reading

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End of August Jumpers and Hunters!

The last w/e in August is going to be phenomenal… No HT this weekend, so I’m contemplating going to Lakeside for three–yes, count them, THREE!–days of jumpers!   Thoughts?

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Antebellum Combined Test

How exciting… Antebellum CT is this weekend!!  I am bummed to be out of town, but Nemo and I are on a mission here in Michigan.   The team will carry on in our abscence, and no doubt be absolutely brilliant … Continue reading

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Working Students: The Updates

August marks the end of summer in eventing and the beginning of the fall eventing season.  It is also the time of year that college starts, so a sad and happy time all at once for our new and graduating … Continue reading

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