End of August Jumpers and Hunters!

The last w/e in August is going to be phenomenal… No HT this weekend, so I’m contemplating going to Lakeside for three–yes, count them, THREE!–days of jumpers!   Thoughts?


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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9 Responses to End of August Jumpers and Hunters!

  1. Ali Zeitlin says:

    I think we will be out of town, but I’m not sure yet. If we aren’t, I will definitely try to make it!

  2. Quin???????

    I think Addy will definitely want to play. Hopper and Ryan have also requested a little TLC in that department. Basil will go to school the 3’3″, as will Beef. (Do we feel a Training moveup coming??) Perhaps Visa?

    There is a whisper in the wind that Caleb might want to go, and LInguine is absolutely begging to be chosen!!

  3. ashabelle says:

    I think Paddington and I might want to join…I want to practice my equitation and Paddy wants to practice bending and being relaxed.

    Oh and Nimesh will be around to groom for us (although I am not sure if he knows what “grooming” is or what it entails).

  4. mollytate83 says:

    Linguine and i would looooove to jump around some! i think after our last “flawless” round, we could use a bit of practice.

  5. bzhorse says:

    We’re going to be in town…so I figured it’s time to make the jumper debut with Chris. I haven’t yet peeked at the bill, but I’m thinking I’ll do level 3’s-ish and maybe a 3′ hunter. We’ll see how the pony schools…hehehe.

  6. equestriquin says:

    Okay, I am pretty willing to go do tiny jumps and get some experience under our belt this weekend–as long as we get some good rides in before then!

    I’m ready to go trounce the little eight-year-olds on ponies. Bring it ON, short stirrup kids!!

  7. SATURDAY AUGUST 30: Jumpers & Hunters at Lakeside Arena!!! Our trailer will leave CEO at 6:00am to give plenty of time to school in the arenas prior to the 7:30am cutoff time. Jumpers start at 8:30am.

    SUNDAY AUGUST 31: Cross Country Schooling at Masterson Station Park. We’re aiming for a group to start at 2:30pm.

    MONDAY SEPTEMBER 1: Jumpers & Hunters at Lakeside Arena!! Our trailer will leave CEO at 6:00am to give plenty of time to school in the arenas prior to the 7:30am cutoff time. Jumpers start at 8:30am.

  8. Plans!

    Saturday Jumpers at Lakeside Arena. Quin & Kirk, Ryan & Megan, Basil & Chelsea, Visa & Sager.

    Sunday Cross Country Schooling…. LInguine & Sarah, Basil & Chelsea, Beef & Watkins, Visa & Sager, Kirk & Quin, Ryan & Megan…. Anyone else?? I have two trailer slots available for XC.

    Monday Jumpers at Lakeside Arena. Beef & Watkins, Sandy & Chelsea, Hopper & Megan, Sarah & Linguine.

    Anyone else?

  9. holzeph says:

    Man, I’m bummed I missed the XC schooling and jumper show. Had to go out of town though. How was it? did you guys take home lots of ribbons?

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