September Schooling HT

The Bluegrass Pony Club will be hosting a mini trial in September in Paris KY.   They are offering BN and below… Anyone game?  Thought it could be a very fun day?


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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14 Responses to September Schooling HT

  1. askaggs says:

    I am SO there! 2008 has been a rough year, and work is still trying to bury me, but the Skaggs are going to try to pull some satisfaction out of the fall with this fun outing in September and Octoberfest at the end of October. We would LOVE to find our CEO friends at this show!

  2. Sarah is going to ride Linguine!!!!

    Mike and/or Hannah, would you be interested in forming a team???

  3. Annie, that’s excellent… I will be SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to see you ride Thatcher there!!!

  4. pongorider says:

    The plan was all 4 of us ride… joe puddle jumpers, Hope x rails and Hannah and I are debating over the 2 foot or BN>>>

  5. equestriquin says:

    I definitely want to aim for it–we’ll see! ~Q

  6. So perhaps we could have our very own starter group? Chelsea on Caleb (aka Tiny), Mike on Spud, Quin on Kirk…

    And a beginner novice group? Sarah on Linguine, Meg on Catchphrase, Hannah

    Any thoughts???? The starter team would need a heck of a name… an 18h draft, a 17.2h draft, and a 17h tb….. Two Ton Tussies??? Monster Trucks? The Mega Mounts? The Trooper Tanks? Supersize Me? lol….. we are cracking up….. The Big Berthas? hahahaahahaha The Walking Earthquakes? Okay, we’ll stop now….

  7. sweetadelaide says:

    ahhh haha that will be sooooo fun!!! I’m leaning towards Two Ton Tussies for a name

  8. hfmoore says:


  9. Meg is a new working student arriving from Canada on Sunday. Her horse’s name is Catchphrase…. NO, I didn’t buy yet another horse!!! 🙂 It is a GREAT show name, though! So we’re going to call her Meg and me Megan to distinguish!


  10. mollytate83 says:

    very exciting, the little boy and i can’t wait!

  11. Mike, Hannah, Quin…. Are we good for teams???

  12. equestriquin says:

    Yes from me, I just need to send in my entry and get a coggins for it. 😀

  13. pongorider says:

    we need to make shirts….. Oh Yaa….

    Quin and Chelsea … how about two ton tussies????

    We could use the team ceo colors…..

    I’ll be willing to pick up the shirts…. just need color and size!!

    Name for the beginner novice team?????

  14. Team CEO Got Spots (per hannah’s suggestion)
    -Hannah Goodwin
    -Sarah on LInguine (entry sent on 9/2/08!!)
    -Maddy on Visa (entry sent on 9/2/08!!)

    Team CEO Two Ton Tussies
    -Mike on Spud
    -Chelsea on Caleb (entry sent on 9/2/08!!)
    -Quin on Wishful Thinking

    Today I mailed the marked entries… Hooray!!! It’s going to be great fun… I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mike’s idea of having this be like a mini Midsouth Team CHallenge…. Fabulous! I have lots of green and yellow stuff…. Wanna match?

    How bout spots on the Beg Novice horses????

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