Team Challenge

I am so excited for Team Challenge HT this year!!!  I love this event each and every year, as I love the comraderie it creates.    We are looking for members on the Novice Team and Training Team.   I was afraid that I might miss it for Fair Hill, but after our astoundingly excellent run at Richland, I’ve decided that Nemo is really stepping up to the international plate…  Too much to push quickly.  He was so brilliant there, and make the CIC*** course feel like a walk in the park…  Not to mention, but he had a great dressage test with a competitive score–a score that I can’t wait to keep improving on!!  Instead of rushing the 7yo to Fair Hill, I’m going to compete in the Jumpers all fall with him instead to strengthen his very promising show jumping….   We’re looking to explode back onto the advanced scene next spring with a very competitive, very well developed (yet still very young) eight year old international horse….  Hooray!  

So I’m really looking forward to being able to be at Team Challenge…. And fielding teams!! 

So any takers??? 

(Thanks to Emily Daily of the USEA for this fabulous picture of Nemo last weekend!!!!)


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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19 Responses to Team Challenge

  1. askaggs says:

    this year, after all we have been through, the Skaggs are going to bow out and do Octoberfest instead. But for 2009, look out!

  2. Something tells me there is new promise of a brand new Training team!! Perhaps Chelsea would like to contribute on Basil and Ashley on Beefcake???


  3. murphysgreytrooper says:

    I would love to be on a Novice team!! I still have the sweatshirt Howard bought us from our BN Ashland team in 1994 or 1995? HOW SCARIE IS THAT!! Im bringing it….- Kim

  4. equestriquin says:

    LOL! I am dying to see the sweatshirt! I definitely want in on this one, it’s the only HT all year I am determined not to miss. I’d love to do a novice team!

  5. nikandol says:

    I can do training or novice, but I worry about bringing down the training team as we haven’t quite been successful at the level yet…

  6. hfmoore says:

    Don’t worry about results — just be a part of the team and do your best, phase by phase. That’s plenty good enough for us, and better than 99% of the rest of the world.

  7. Nikki,

    You are absolutely right… Apparently it is not considered successful to bring your young horse from green to WINNING the dressage!!! That is a terrible accomplishment. Ha!!! Ha!!! Do whichever level that makes YOU happy, but you should know that we are very proud of your accomplishments.

    And no worries, Chelsea & Ashley have just started eventing, so TC will be their second training, both on 5yo’s. This is not my favorite event because I demand everyone to win… This is my favorite event because of the comraderie!

    LInguine told me today that he’d like to go novice… If he can walk 3’11” cross country jumps, I’d bet he can canter them!

  8. Let me do the math thus far…..

    Kim & Trooper
    Sarah & Linguine
    Quin & Indy

    Chelsea & Basil
    Ashley & Beef
    Nikki & Oliver
    Maddy & Bernie

    Still counting at all levels… I definitely want to join in! I’ll just fill in empty slots at whatever levels… I think Ryan will want to play!

  9. mollytate83 says:

    So Linguine told me today that Novice is too tame, he’d like to skip to training. mmm, from Starter to Training in two weeks, that’s not too ambitous is it?

    Novice here we come, weeeeeeee!!!

  10. Ali Zeitlin says:

    I will be going! I don’t know if anyone else is going prelim, so I am not sure what level to enter yet.

  11. nikandol says:

    Thanks for the moral support! I am just looking forward to being part of the most fun team ever to take on the KY Challenge!

  12. Ali, are you planning to run the Prelim HT or the one star?

  13. Ali Zeitlin says:

    Planning to run the Prelim HT

  14. holzeph says:

    If you are desperate for another to fill the BN or Novice team let me know – I can start figuring out how to pay for another entry fee 🙂 (we are doing Zephyr’s first Novice @ Jump Start – gulp – not sure how that is going to go yet!!)

  15. equestriquin says:

    I would be up for a BN team if anyone else is interested (and my Novice teammembers don’t hate me for leaving them) b/c it would work out better for my USEA membership. We need to decide soon tho b/c I’m worried it will fill up!

  16. How bout a team of Quin, Holly, & Hannah @ BN? Add Holly Wiedemann to Novice.

    Alex & Ziggy at Prelim.

  17. holzeph says:

    Alrighty, I’m sending in my entry today!!

  18. hfmoore says:

    Check out the teamceoeventing group photos — Kim has her Team challenge sweatshirt on!

  19. murphysgreytrooper says:

    Howard, how do I access the pics??? Thx – Kim

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