Richland Update

So this morning at 2am, Ashley, Ashley and I left the farm for the 8hr trip to Richland Park CIC in Michigan.  We chose to leave at that hour to make the trip in mid august as pleasant as possible for the horses, both to avoid traffic and avoid the infamous late summer heat.  Somehow hot weather and horses in a tin can don’t seem to mix well!  The early start was much harder on the human contingency than the equines…  One Ashley fell victim to sleep, and snoozed 7hrs of the way (snoring??).  The other Ashley spent the trip in a catatonic, vegetable like state in the front seat, providing me much entertainment in my silent debate of whether she would be classified as “asleep” or “awake”.  Personally, I survived the drive with copious amounts of singing and dancing behind the wheel, in addition to the world’s supply of coffee and a few energy drinks…  Too bad my bladder didn’t fare as well!  Groggy, half awake, and mumbling, the three of us arrived in Michigan to find our horses rested, bellies full of hay, and bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Glad to see the overnight drive was a good choice for some of us!  🙂

Nemo, Hopper, Dolce, and Ryan all traveled remarkably well.  The in-barn exam for FEI horses was completed as they walked off the trailer, so it was especially nice that Nemo jogged very soundly after 8 hrs on the trailer.  Always nice to have that part handled!  Everyone travelled well and are excited to be here!  Nemo will do dressage at 8:48 on Thursday, Hopper at 1pm on Friday.  The 4yo’s will do the YEH on Thursday around 5pm.

More updates coming soon!  (Especially once I finally wake up!)

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19 Responses to Richland Update

  1. holzeph says:

    Whoa, what a drive… glad everyone made it safe. Good luck tomorrow, I’m sure you guys will do great!

  2. pongorider says:

    We’re cheering for you!!!!

    Mike Hope Hannah Joseph, spud othello zack and pongo!!!

  3. Ali Zeitlin says:

    Glad you all made it there safe and sound! I think I can guess which Ashley was snoring on the way there…bahaha

  4. hfmoore says:

    Nemo’s test at 8:48 this morning was the best of his career, scoring a 60% (dressage basis) or 60.something (FEI basis). That’s about a 40 on horse trials scoring — pretty damned awesome at the 3-star level. No major errors, only a couple of minor issues (one lead change was a little late behind, etc.) and she was the fourth horse to go — which always costs points — but the key was that Megan was able to GO FOR IT with confidence the entire test. He’s tied (with Bruce Davidson) for 12th out of 20 in a VERY impressive class of BNR’s.

    The 4-year olds go about 4:00 p.m. and Hopper does his dressage on Friday.

  5. murphysgreytrooper says:

    Wishing you all: ALL THE BEST!!! And living thru you vicariously back here at home. Enjoy and be safe! – Kim

  6. hfmoore says:


  7. hfmoore says:

    The details — Ryan wasn’t his usual spectacular self, and even gave a buck or two in dressage with a little ring sourness. But Megan felt that he clearly won the dressage (don’t have the scores yet). He jumped better than at Penny Oaks, but did have one rail and one sticky jump, then gave a buck or two before he settled down for the gallop. As expected, he charged through the water!! Dolce also gave a buck or three in dressage, but was better than at Wayne. Megan felt that he clearly won the jumping phase with his usual knees toeyeballs jumping style (he gave the water a long look but went in under a hand ride in his FIRST water jump!), and then blew away the class with his thoroughbred gallop (his dad won the Canadian triple crown).

    Final results — DOLCE WINS!!! DOLCE WINSS!!! Holy smoke!!! Go, Dolce!!!

  8. In a field full of big named riders (BNR’s), Dolce won the four year old division! He scored a “9” on his gallop!! Both boys were absolutely great… Dolce WON, and Ryan finished 3rd in a class of 5 upper level prospects… VERY nice horses, and beat a nice up and coming horse of Darren Chiachia’s.

    Dolce won a ton of prizes… Horse cookies, custom bronze, two saddle pads, Fleeceworks half pad… WOW. What excellent boys. Hopper is excited about shining on his own tomorrow!

  9. Ali Zeitlin says:

    Wow!!! Congrats on Nemo’s dressage, and SUPER congrats on the YEH! I’m so excited for you!

  10. bzhorse says:

    Wow…sounds like you guys are pretty much cleaning up. Enjoy what looks to be a super cool cross-country (I was course-stalking on Richland’s webpage)!!

  11. nikandol says:

    Whooo! Way to go! Good luck for the rest of the weekend!!!

  12. Hopper was the only one to go today… His work is SOOOO much improved, and he’s usually so very calm about the dressage. Today going around the ring he spooked very badly at the judge’s stand (I’m sorry–apparently we’ve never seen one of those before??????) and was quite TB like while going around the arena. I worked the whole test to get him to settle, but at the beginning he was earning 4’s and 5’s as he was less than cooperative. One shining moment came, though, when he did his lifetime best reinback… A movement that would elicit quite a few rears from him as a young horse. (And since he came off the track with a flipping over problem, I’d say that’s a little worrysome!) Today, he did a seamless reinback and earned a “7”! His test improved all the way through, and earned 7’s at the end.

    It was obvious, though, that his general work has dramatically improved… In a test that I was very dissappointed with, he scored a 42. He lies in 10th place out of 20, just two points out of 5th place. Ooooh, if he had only chosen to cooperate, think what it could have been!!!!

    Tomorrow is XC for Nemo and Hopper. Keep your fingers crossed!

    Meanwhile the 4yo’s are napping constantly, apparently exhausted from their hard work yesterday. LOL, apparently a high stress bunch…. Dolce’s snoring nearly rivals Ashley’s! Nearly….

  13. ashabelle says:

    I do not snore.

  14. Ali Zeitlin says:

    Aww, gotta love the TB moments. Very fun. Have fun tomorrow!

  15. pongorider says:

    Good luck on you’re XC tommorow


  16. jpappy says:

    Never a dull moment. Good luck tomorrow! I also creeped on the Richland website and looked at the XC fences. That keyhole one is wild!!! Can’t wait to hear about everything! Megan, make sure to count every distance, up to 20 strides. And BS, quite snoring

  17. thehunterkid says:

    Awwe! Yay, congrats on Dolce’s fabulous finish and Nemo great dressage test.
    And Hopp-star…I miss him and his random silliness!
    PS…Ashley, you definately snore. =D
    Goodluck on XC and SJ with the boys!
    I miss you all. =]


    Photos from Richland of Nemo

    In the second album, click the right arrow to see the whole sequence.

  19. And Grasshopper. Can you tell that he went in very hot weather at 2:00 in the afternoon?

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