Flying Cross and Jumpstart: Time to enter!

Time for entering!! 

Jumpstart HT opens tomorrow, and you’ll want to send your entry on opening date.  Who is going???  This one is friendly and a great moveup or confidence builder.

Flying Cross HT is already open… Who is heading to this one? This one is challenging at all levels, Novice to Prelim.  They offer a Team Competiton, with scores for 3-4 riders at the same level.  Last year, Team CEO was the Champion Team for the Preliminary Level… Can we try to repeat??


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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14 Responses to Flying Cross and Jumpstart: Time to enter!

  1. Ali Zeitlin says:

    I will be heading to Flying Cross at prelim with Alex…any chance of a team??? I can’t wait!!!

  2. Jumpstart opens Aug19.

    I’m taking Ziggy at Prelim… Hmmm…. Prelim team?

    Also thinking of a novice team… Ryan??

  3. holzeph says:

    I’m going to enter Jumpstart! I’d love to go Novice, but not sure if we’re ready yet. I’m doing BNH at Classique if I can get in, though…

  4. Holly, that’s fabulous! KY Classique and Jumpstart will be GREAT!

    Ali, I’m going to run Nemo & Hopper, so would you like to make a Prelim team with me??? That’d be one heck of a team!

    Anyone interested in a novice team? Ryan is going at Novice, and perhaps Basil/Chelsea at Novice…

  5. Also, entries are open for Antebellum CT Aug 24 and Lakeside HT on Aug 30.

    Sarah/Linguine and Chelsea/Addy will be hacking down the road to Antebellum!

  6. Ali Zeitlin says:

    I would love to!!! That would be one heck of a team! Total domination, not gonna lie. 😀 My entry is already sent, but I’m sure we could send a note saying I’d like to be on a team with you…

  7. Ali Zeitlin says:

    Oops I forgot! I may be going to Antebellum but I haven’t decided yet.

  8. No prob on the team entry… Debbie Hinkle is the secretary there and she is stellar–I’ll just drop her a note to tell her about our team and she’ll take care of it. How exciting!!

  9. murphysgreytrooper says:

    I signed up for KY Classique (asked to be stabled near you all) and Flying Cross – at novice. Would love your coaching at both Megan, if you have the time.

    Was planning on Team Challenge instead of JumpStart. Think that’s ok? Got any room on a novice team for Team Challegne? My friend Carli McGinley (junior rider) and I could add to any novice team you may have. We were thinking of riding together. Thanks, Kim B.

  10. equestriquin says:

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to ride in the Team Challenge at Novice –I don’t think it’s open for a few weeks yet and I will have to drum up someone to ride, but I DEFINTELY want to get in on that action. WHOO HOO!

  11. holzeph says:

    I’ll be hacking to Antebellum too if you all want to ride over together! (doing starter & BN)

    Also, do we need stabling for Jumpstart, or do you guys haul out both Sat & Sun?

  12. I am getting stabling for my guys at Jumpstart… makes life easier!

    What about a novice team of Nikki, Megan, and Kim???

  13. murphysgreytrooper says:

    That novice team sounds great! Was just planning to do Team Challenge tho (you got room for Elizabeth “Carli” McGinley on a novice team?).

    Now you got me thinkin about Jumpstart – ahhh! Trooper HATES carriages, and there’s a driving show Jumpstart weekend. Thot Team Challenge would be safer, ha-ha… I’ll let you know what I sign up for. Thx!

  14. Ali Zeitlin says:

    I am officially going to go to Antebellum (if my entry does get accepted, that is) to go prelim there. I thought it would be good practice for Alex’s stadiums skills. See everyone there!

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