Richland Updates

We have arrived!   Ashley, Ashley, and I left the farm this morning at 2am in order to allow the horses to travel in the most comfortable temperature that August would possibly allow.  That time frame translated into one Ashley passed out (snoring??) in the back seat, one Ashley in a zombie state in the front seat, and more coffee than my bladder could possibly handle… But all for the welfare of the horses!  Ryan, Nemo, Hopper, and Dolce arrived far more energetic than we did! 

Nemo has dressage on Thursday at 8:48 am, and Hopper goes at 1pm Friday.  The 4yo’s will be doing the YEH on Thursday afternoon.  We are currently hiding in a starbucks for internet before we return to sleep in the exellent comfort of the non-air-conditioned horse trailer tonight.  🙂

More updates to come!


1 Response to Richland Updates

  1. Kelsey Lee says:

    Hi,I know this is off topic but I’am very interested in your horse Le Petite Syhara.I would like to know if she is still avaliable,if so please reply back on here.=)

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