Kentucky Classic

So who’s up for Kentucky Classic?


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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  1. Here’s the list as I can find it off the Kentucky Classique website…. Did I miss anyone???

    Chelsea Basil Novice
    Megan Nemo ACT
    Megan Ryan Novice
    Ali Alex Prelim
    Sager Paddy Prelim
    Watkins Bingo BN
    Holly Werner He’s Golden BN
    Nikki Oliver T
    Kim Trooper N

  2. How would it work for everyone to do coursewalks for BN, T, and Prelim on Thursday? Then coursewalk for Novice on Friday?

  3. holzeph says:

    Sounds good, I will escape from work to come out for the walk on Thursday! (We’re being adventurous and going under Z’s registered name 🙂 )

  4. askaggs says:

    Who is Watkins, Bingo? We had a Bingo that we loved, who sold when Erika went to college. We’d love to see him again! I hope we get to see all of you. Good luck to all.

  5. nikandol says:

    What time on Thursday were you thinking?

  6. murphysgreytrooper says:

    A Novice coursewalk on Friday works for me, but im not sure what time i’ll haul into the KHP. Probably mid to late afternoon sometime. Im ok to walk it myself tho, if I miss the group. – Kim

  7. pongorider says:

    HannaH and Pongo BN

  8. Nikki and Kim, What time would work for you?

    Oooh, I totally missed Hannah on the listing…. That’s great!

    Annie, Watkins/Bingo is Ashley Watkins, one of our working students, who is from Ohio. Her horse is a 4yo paint/TB cross named Bingo… I don’t think it’s the same one (they’ve had him since he was little) but what a fun coincidence on the name… The girls love singing B-I-N-G-O to Ashley to make her giggle.

  9. murphysgreytrooper says:

    Megan: Usually I get to the KHP around 4ish on Fridays, and it takes me an hour to tuck Trooper in and dump the trailer. I know your riding that day in the CT. Does your group ride or school on Fridays once at the KHP? What’s your normal routine? Sometimes I ride or lesson at home before hauling in. But im flexible. I could ride or lesson w/ you once there, and be there earlier. Either way… – Kim

  10. Kim,

    I’m unsure of the schedule for the Advanced CT at the moment…. Hmmmm….. But would love to catch up with you for a lesson and/or coursewalk as it works for you.

  11. nikandol says:

    I typically work in Richmond until 4:30 so Anything before 5:15 would require me to leave early from work. This is not a big deal, but later would be better.

  12. Ali Zeitlin says:

    I’m SO excited!!! I don’t know what time coursewalk works for you, and I also have no idea what prelim’s schedule is like…but I have school and would not be able to make it for a course walk besides sometime after 4 on Thursday. If cross country isn’t until Saturday, then basiicallyyy anytime works for me on Friday.

  13. holzeph says:

    I have stabling for Saturday night … what are we doing as far as trailering? I will need a lift – just let me know what time you’re heading out and i will be there!

  14. Holly… Excellent…. I can take Zephyr over on Saturday morning. Does he have an in-state health cert? They are req’d to get in the park. Thanks!

  15. Novice Coursewalk 6:00pm Friday
    Beg Novice Coursewalk Thursday at 6:30pm
    Training Coursewalk THursday at 5:45pm
    Preliminary Coursewalk TBD during day on Friday

    WIll this work for everyone??? If not, please let me know and we’ll adjust it. For the prelim, I’m waiting to see when our sj is on friday to work around that.

  16. holzeph says:

    OOOH! Thanks for letting me know! Just talked to the vet clinic, and I can pick one up today 🙂

    Sounds good for the coursewalk – are we meeting at the start box at that time? Thanks again!

  17. Ali Zeitlin says:

    Depending on the time the coursewalk will work out for me. I sadly have to attend my first three classes of school in the morning (trust me…I’d much rather be at the barn or walking my course!), but I’ll most likely be able to make anything after about…10:30 or 11?

  18. Ali Zeitlin says:

    I took a look at the stadium schedule and I will most likely have time between dressage and stadium for a coursewalk if that works out for all others

  19. Ryan has experienced a wild weekend. Cameo was bred to him about 6wks ago, but she had some mare issues and, long story short, needs to be rebred. So of course, Cameo came into heat on Friday right before the show!! Chris was super to breed Cameo in the middle of the show, and Austin was amazing to drive Ryan to the clinic to be collected on Friday. So I didn’t get to ride Ryan on Friday, plus you would think that would put a stallion in the WRONG frame of mind to be a competition horse…. Nope! He was brilliant in dressage, and had his best test ever! He was uphill and fluid and engaged, and an absolute joy to ride, despite the very deep mud. It paid off! He scored two 9’s on his test, and scored a 30.4 in dressage!!!! Not too bad for a four year old. We had a terrific time in SJ and I was really happy with our round… I had an amazing opportunity to teach him, and we had some stellar moments. It was an ideal experience for a 4yo, though the scoreboard is more harsh–one cheap rail and two rails when we debated who was in charge, but an excellent learning opportunity for him…. And even more importantly, I am taking away a much better horse for it!!

    Chelsea/Basil had the run of luck in dressage… When they showed up 30 min before their dressage test to warm up, the ring was running 40 minutes behind. Hello 70 minutes of warmup!!! Basil was exhausted and way past peaking, but Chelsea did a terrific job and still pulled off a decent test for a very respectable 42.0 in her very first event! Then they had a beautiful show jumping round, jumping double clean!!

    Watkins/Bingo had a great start to their eventing career…. Bingo had the day off yesterday as we were concerned over a cut that turned out to be superficial, but not such a great prep for your first event! They were stellar to overcome it though, and Bingo was quiet and workmanlike in his very first dressage test ever. He was really good in the showjumping, taking a couple peeks as both were nervous, but pulling through quite handily for a double clear round!

    Sager/Paddy had a great weekend in their second prelim. The pair performed a really nice dressage test, but sadly were in the Open Preliminary class with most of the Canadian Olympic Team! So the competition was quite stiff….Then again, I think our sport is very special…. When could an amateur golfer choose to go play golf with Tiger Woods???? They absolutely stepped up to the plate, with a double clean show jumping round, which moved them up to 10th in a big class of 24 professionals! Then they had a gorgeous, fluid cross country round over the very challenging cross country course, adding just 2 time penalties to their score! They finished in a brilliant 8th place!!!!

    Ali/Alex had a great schooling weekend at Preliminary…. Ali has been working hard on his flatwork, and he really pulled through this weekend with a much improved test for a 40.0….. Just knock another tenth off and you’re in the thirties! The test was greatly improved, yet the exciting thing is that there is plenty of room for improvement, so this is truly a very exciting young pair!! In the Pony Club jumpers this summer, Alex was a bit spooked in the big ring, so Ali had a triumphant return to the ring Friday with an excellent 8-fault round to regain alot of Alex’s confidence. They had just 20 penalties around the challenging xc course, and really found their stride in the second half of the course, with an especially nice coffin.

    Hannah had her lifetime best show jumping round, and one that we’d all be proud of…. They were consistent, smooth, and found excellent distances for a wonderful double clear round. They were gorgeous!

    Nikki & Oliver had a really nice dressage test that is improving all the time. What a super nice young horse… He had a beautiful frame and is really starting to develop a topline. They had a great start to XC, and Nikki rode a lovely forward round. Unfortunately, Oliver got spooked by the trakehner that came up quickly off a turn and ended his day there, but such are horses…. They were gorgeous elsewhere and shall live to fight another day!

    Sarah and Linguine were quite the shocker…. They were both competing in their first USEA horse trial, but accidently ended up in the Open Beg Nov class, where they faced many pros and very experienced riders. Not to worry… They stepped right up to the plate and joined the pros, looking like one! Their dressage test was GORGEOUS!!!!!! They scored a 39, though I am convinced they would have won the dressage in the BNR class if they were in the right division. Their show jumping round was humorous and green, but they got ’round and Sarah epitomized her usual good nature. She was an absolute star about it, and did a GREAT job at getting the baby around. Linguine figured out that he loved his new job by the end of the ride!

    Holly Werner/Zephyr had a triumphant return to eventing after taking a 5 year hiatus… They had a very, very promising dresage test, then returned to have an even better show jumping round for a double clear! They did such a good job in showjumping, and had a great rhythm.

    Kim & Trooper have been working very hard on their dressage and showed a huge improvement!! They had a beautiful test for a 38 (i think) and they were gorgeous! Hard work pays off and Trooper looked brilliant. Then they had a brilliant show jumping round for a double clear. Well done!

  20. hfmoore says:

    AWESOME. I’m very proud to be associated with each of you — no matter the situation, you handled it with class and elan. Well done!

    Pix are posted, but I apologize to Watkins & Holly that I missed their rides. I promise to get you guys on XC tomorrow!

  21. thehunterkid says:

    you all never cease to amaze me.
    I am simply awe struck reading about everyone’s success…somehow I don’t think that it’s by chance that you all have the same terrific coach.
    Congrats to everyone, and I miss you all. =]
    (specially the wb pony =D)

  22. hfmoore says:

    Sunday pix are posted, and Michael has some great ones from Saturday.

  23. holzeph says:

    Thank you for all of the great coaching Megan – I am soooo excited that we finished on our dressage score!!!

    And thanks to Howard for the great pics, they really turned out well! 🙂

  24. murphysgreytrooper says:

    Thanks Team CEO, I enjoyed it immensely!! Im new at this – how do I access the “posted pictures”? – Kim

  25. hfmoore says:

    Which set of pix? You can access Yahoo group by going to Yahoo, click on groups, search teamceoeventing. If you haven’t joined, follow the instructions for joining. URL of your pix is

    If you mean the Snapfish group, send me your e-mail at and I’ll send you an invitation which has the URL in it.

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