Check out Eventing Nation’s coverage of the Hagyard Midsouth P3D

Check out Eventing Nation’s fantastic coverage of the Hagyard Midsouth Preliminary Three Day!

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Sales horse of the week: Armani

Sales Horse of the Week…


IMG_7725 IMG_3972








Armani is a phenomenal OTTB, 16.1h.  He is currently eventing at the novice level and is a novice level packer.   He is preparring to move up to the training level soon, and has the potential for Prelim easily.   This guy is a really special mix… He is brave like the classic TB type with all the classic TB heart, and just super careful over SJ fences. He can take a joke from his rider and is more than happy to jump you out of a bad distance without complaint.  He gives 110% to his work every day, and his disposition is pure sunshine.   He is super cute on the flat and over fences, and is ideal for a kid or adult who aspires to move up the levels.  He is very sane, kind, and easy to ride, and has never even attempted to buck.  What a special guy!  $12k.

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Updates on the Young Event Horse Challenge






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Georgetown HT CANCELLED for July 6, RESCHEDULED for July 28

Update on the Georgetown HT

We have hosted mini trials on our farm for ten years, twice a year, with nothing but sunny blue skies each time. This week, our luck has run out. Despite our best efforts and investment in gravel, Mother Nature is not on board this week. 

After receiving rain every day for the last 9 days, we have begun a period of nonstop rain over the last 48 hours. The storm just happened to be trained right over us, and with a couple of inches of accumulation on the farm this week and another 0.5 inches predicted today and into tonight. 

As such, despite our best efforts and our absolute desire that the show must go on, we have decided to cancel the mini trial Saturday. We believe it is in the best interest of all involved, though we were so excited to see everyone’s smiling faces this weekend. And everything was so READY!

We will host a rain date of July 28 as an alternative mini trial if riders are available that day. We are making every effort to accommodate everyone, and will offer riders an entry to July 28 mini trial, September 9 mini trial, or the eventing weekend clinics on July 26-27 or Oct 4-6. 

Again, our apologies for this decision but we believe it is in the best interest of everyone involved. Questions can be directed to Megan at Thanks for your understanding.

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Update on our mini trial this weekend…

Update on the mini trial this weekend…. The record rainfall this summer as well as the current mega storm is not helping our plans this weekend! The farm is all decorated, flagged, and ready to go…. But the inches of rain aren’t helpful. We are making every effort to hold the show this weekend (gravel, redesigning parking, etc). We will continue to monitor the situation and storm overnight tonight and into tomorrow before making any judgement calls. If we get lucky, we have excellent footing and our farm drains well. But if we get unlucky the possility of 48 solid hours of rain exists in the forecast. We’ll continue to update here and try to do the best job possible for the horses and riders. If you have any questions, they can be addressed to

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YEHC June 29 Update

Latest progress from all of our contestants!








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YEHC Progress!!!

Progress with the Young Event Horse Challenge!!!




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