Looking towards 2013… Oh those redheads!

Last week, I wrote about my three personal young horses… Three very opposite types with three very different skill sets, and three very challenging personalities. But I love them all!  This week, I thought I’d share a few year-end updates on our other horses.  Some are sales horses, some are owned by the farm, some are being aimed at the upper levels, etc.  But they’ve all had a busy year!

So this week, I’ll chronicle the mass of redheads at our farm!   I already did Moon last week, so we’ll start with…

berke_sj_southfarmLaissez Faire (aka Berke):   5yo Holsteiner/TB g, ch, 16h.    We’ve had Berke since he was a 3yo.  Berke is one of the most talented horses I’ve ever sat on.  His jump is explosive, and his scope is unparalleled at our farm.   Berke spent the summer eventing at the training level.  We’re still focusing on gaining mileage, not results, and I am trying to take him to a different venue every outing to get experience… I want him to see the world!  He has had a few baby moments, but this horse is so talented that he is worth taking very slowly.  I think in the long run, he’ll be spectacular!  He is schooling confidently at 3’9”, but is waiting to move up to prelim till his brain is just a touch older.   A few of my friends have their eye on him as a showjumper—I’m trying to keep him hidden as an eventer!   J    If he reminded me of anyone, it would be of Colleen Rutledge’s horse Shiraz.

hobbes_sj_megan4ftTrans Xpress (aka Hobbes):   6yo 16h ch TB G.  Hobbes joined us this spring thanks to the fantastic eye of Christy and Brad Woodward who immediately recognized his talent.  Hobbes evented at Novice this year with WS Emily, and finished the year with me at some jumper shows and one event.  We are just in the beginning of forming our relationship together.  I was really happy with his consistent performances at the jumper shows, and he schooled XC brilliantly in October to end the season.  I made the mistake of telling my show jumping coach that I’d love to see what Hobbes is made of… NEVER tell a show jumper that!  J   When the jumps grew to 4’3”, after that I called uncle!  He really stepped up to the plate and loved the bigger jumps.  He has a serious, serious jump, and thanks to Emily’s great foundation, is also fantastic to ride on the flat.  It is a shame that the season ended, because we had a huge breakthrough with him!  The highlight of his year was when Robin Walker told me that Hobbes is his favorite of all of my horses, that he is the right combination of brave and careful to make a top class horse.    WOW—What a compliment Hobbes!

vici_waterbankxcVeni Vidi Vici (aka Vici):  4yo 16.2h ch TB G.   Our friends at Second Stride Inc knew we’d love Vici from the beginning… And they were right.  He is a bizarre combination of brains and talent.  Mentally, he is one of the easiest young horses we’ve ever had.  He is uncomplicated in every way, yet is also starting to show some real talent.  He debuted at BN this fall, where he was young and green but full of heart and easily finished on his dressage score in every outing.  He loves to jump and loves cross country.  When Robin came to town, Vici stepped up to the plate to jump bigger jumps for the first time, and started showing us what he was made of… Heart, talent, and all the reasons we love OTTB’s!  We are very happy with Vici’s first season!  He is currently on winter vacation, and we are eager for him to come back as he is an absolute delight every day.

rose_barrels1La Vie En Rose (aka Rose):  5yo 16h ch TB M.  We purchased Rose as a yearling.   Andrea is bringing this special lady along as her young project.   We were thrilled with her Young Event Horse Challenge participation this summer!    In October she debuted in her first BN Horse Trial where Rose confidently cantered round to finish on her dressage score of 35.   Andrea is having a blast with this young lady who is truly dependable in all three phases.  We can’t wait for the season to resume!!    In our impatience, Rose has been showing the indoor jumpers all winter while we wait and is yet to have a rail. What a brilliant youngster!

Okay, well that’s it for the redheads in my lineup!  Next week, we’ll hit on the non-redheads… Though those are few and far between around here!  Merry Christmas all!


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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