Let’s ring in the new year for 2013!

2011 was a season that dreams are made of, but 2012 was an incredibly hard year for us.  I’m ready to toast the end of the year and the beginning of an exciting new season and all the wonderful things that can bring!

2013 will be a rebuilding year for me.  So here’s my plan that I’m getting excited about for next season…  I’ve been focusing this fall on finding a couple of nice young horses and trying to rebuild for the future.  When the going gets tough, the tough get excited about next year!!  I thought I’d share a little bit about our new youngsters and the exciting hopes for their futures!

rgfht12_D3S_4152Gamble # 1:   Promisemethemoon.    Moon is a 5yo OTTB from the Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center.   He is a typical redheaded TB… Hot, fiery, and always ready to work. He may be the hottest horse I’ve ever known.  He can be a hot little sportscar of a handful and has strong opinions about life, but from the moment we met he absolutely demanded my attention.  In his first year of eventing this year, he progressed from his first BN in May to his first win at Training in November.  Being a TB, he epitomizes the desire to run and jump, and his favorite phase is definitely the cross country.  I absolutely love this little guy… He may not trot like the other two, but I know unequivocally that he wants to be an event horse!  His goal this year is to hopefully do his first preliminary!

rgfht12_DSC_5165Gamble # 2:  Fandango.   Fandango is a 5yo Hanoverian gelding.   He is a wonderful mover, incredibly fluid in his body, and a bit of a freak of nature.  He embodies the dressage potential for the team!  He initially didn’t impress anyone much over fences, and his lack of any thoroughbred blood didn’t point him towards being an upper level horse.  Despite that, every day he surprises us and continues to prove that he wants to be an event horse!  (Especially since UL event horses are known for idiosyncrasies right?)   His former owner did a great job starting him, and very wisely identified him to us as a pro ride… And she was right.  He has a penchant for medium trot, sky leaping canters, and bucking nonstop.  Fandango debuted in his first event at River Glen in November… His goal for 2013 is to get through an entire dressage test without bucking!  🙂

121412 014Gamble # 3:  Walden Pond.   Maya is a 6yo Holsteiner/TB mare.  (We named her Maya this month in respect to the impending Mayan End-of-the-World prediction—that pretty much sums up her view on life.) She flunked out of a dressage career when she learned to express her opinions a bit too loudly for such a polite career choice.  Maya is an incredible talent, and being sired by a grand prix showjumper should have the showjumping talent of the group.   Maya just arrived in December 2012 so we are still getting to know one another.   She is a MARE in every form of the word, and if we can get her to start loving being an event horse, she could be really special! (Or possibly not—she hasn’t decided yet.)   Alas, only time will tell, as she still likes to express her strong opinions with every antic under the sun.  Hopefully she’ll begin eventing this year.   (Well, I’ll have to ask her opinion first…)

As we look forward to the new year, we are so excited that 2013 offers such a fresh new start with three special youngsters. Thanks so much for their former owners who have all given me the opportunity to purchase these three special horses. They are all very challenging individuals in their own right, but I must admit that I do love the quirky ones!  Though they take more time, if I can form a bond with them, perhaps it will pay off tenfold in the future.  No matter what the outcome, I am looking forward to an incredible journey.  After all, that’s what it’s all about!

Enjoy the journey,


(Thanks to WNC photo for taking the top two photos.)


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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