Welcome to the AEC’s!


We’re off to the American Eventing Championships! For something like a decade, the AEC’s have provided American eventers with chamiponships at all levels, all in one venue. What an incredible idea! In that time, I haven’t made the trek down… 2012 marks my first AEC! For years, this weekend was my wedding anniversary, but now that it is a bit more, eh, available, it was time to make the journey!

Growing up, we traveled to different events for the national championships at any given level. I will never forget travelling to the Debroke Preliminary Championships as a teenager with my incredible partner Chief Executive Officer, our farm’s namesake. What an incredible journey my dad and I made that year to travel to Maryland to compete for the first time. We were absolutely awestruck that I could compete at that age in the same division with the likes of Bruce Davidson… That was absolutely one of the highlights of my young riding career!

Fast forward many, many years, and this weekend provides an incredible opportunity for everyone. I am so excited and so honored to be bringing a phenomenal group down with us. It is so neat to see everyone’s faces at their opportunity to compete here, and how excited the whole venue is to be here! We’ll have four riders and horses joining us this weekend….

  • Emily Roepke and Koda at Training…. Emily is a 19 year old working student at Team CEO, riding her own 6yo OTTB whom she has brought along off the track. Together they have competed at Training since July.

  • Micki McDaniel and Spot Treatment at Beginner Novice …. Micki is a lawyer and mother of two, riding Megan’s upper level partner Spot Treatment, a 15 hand appaloosa. These two have competed together since July and absolutely have the time of their lives. They make us smile at every turn.

  • Nikki Burgio and Master Oliver at Training… Nikki rides her 13yo OTTB gelding Master Oliver. This pair has a long running partnership, including winning the 2011 Area 8 Training Championships.

  • Megan Moore riding Nancy Thomas’s Charmed Life at Beginner Novice … Cody is a 5yo 18h dutch warmblood gelding who is in his first year of eventing. The AEC’s will be just his fourth horse trial ever.

Add in a dose of super-groom Andrea Johnson and Nikki’s brilliant support crew mom Nancy Kowalski, and you have a fabulously fun crew of 6 ladies who are set for a fantastic weekend! Stay tuned for all the updates!


About widespreadpanic

Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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