River Glen HT 2012

ImageWe’re just back from River Glen Summer 2012 HT… What a great event!  Every single rider we took this weekend accomplished something significant for them… I am so proud!

First of all, huge congratulations to Andrea Johnson for placing 6th in her first preliminary!  Andrea had a good dressage test without any major mistakes with her 6yo mare, La Bien Vie.  They had a bit of nerves in show jumping, but on Sunday presented their textbook fabulous cross country round that was confident and easy for 0 jump and just 10 time.   Go Andrea!!!   We were hoping to move up at Gemwood in July—a friendly, inviting event—but with their cancellation we were pushed back to River Glen, not an easy event by any means!  We all had tremendous confidence in them though, and they had a great round around a very solid prelim track.  Woohoo!


Micki McDaniel had only ridden our Spot Treatment 9 times by sunday of the event, yet they rode to 3rd place in the division, finishing on their dressage score of 35!  This is their second AEC qualifier, and thus they’ll be heading to the AEC’s in September!!  Qualified in just two events together—-well done!

Emily Roepke was competing at her third training level event with her young TB The Bright Side.  They had a terrific and constantly improving dressage test for 33, just one rail in SJ and double clean XC to finish 2nd. They too have picked up their second AEC qualifier this weekend!

My young horse Promisemethemoon was doing his third event this weekend and moved up to training.  Again, he was scheduled to run the training at Gemwood, so this event is a significant step up!  He was terrific in his first out-of-town event… He was focused and trying his heart out in dressage for a steady, accurate test. In show jumping, he touched just the first fence for just one down, and jumped brilliantly.  He galloped to a clean round on XC to finish 10th in Open Training… I am so proud of him!  Most importantly, he conveyed this weekend that he really enjoyed this eventing game, and he definitely wants to play. What a great feeling!  He loved every minute and thought it all was easy.  I’m so excited for him!

After winning his last three outings at Intermediate at River Glen, my darling Widespread Panic debuted this weekend in novice with his new owner Emma Tilghman, just 7 days after the purchase.  They had a terrific weekend!  They put in an absolutely lovely dressage test, followed by a terrific SJ round with an incredibly cheap rail in the absolutely pouring rain.  They went double clean XC easily to place 5th in Junior Novice!  What a great start to their career!

So proud of everyone this weekend!  Congrats to all!



About widespreadpanic

Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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