Derbyshire HT: Busy, busy, busy!

What a weekend!

This weekend we travelled to Michigan for Derbyshire HT.  This is the first time I’ve been to this event.   Derbyshire reminded me of the events I grew up with… A small event, maybe a bit more old school than some of the big time upper level events, but with the most fabulous people.  Everyone I met this weekend was delightful!  They were all so sweet and friendly, everyone epitomizing the eventer spirit.  The great group of people made the 7 hour drive worthwhile!

I rode in three divisions this weekend… Open Training, Open Novice, and Beginner Novice Horse.

So here’s my definition of busy…  How ‘bout ride times of 12:23, 12:33, 12:48, and 1:06?   Woohoo!  Throw in a little 90 degree temps, and six other rides in the day…. Wheee!   Let’s just say it’s a good thing I have GREAT help!

In OT, my darling little Spot Treatment led start to finish (tied for 1st after dressage)  to finish on his dressage score of 30.  He won!  This is his second win in a row actually…. I’m so proud of him. He was a star in all three phases, an absolute professional.  What a great guy!

Baby Berke grew up a ton this weekend…  He is such a promising young horse, but the operative word being young.   He showed a ton of promise in dressage interspersed with some playful moments for 33.8.   By the end of the weekend, he was so much more confident..  Jumped a fabulous double clean SJ without touching a thing and giving every fence an extra foot.  Wow this horse is talented!

In ON, Nightfall had a stellar dressage test… I was so happy!  29.5 with seven scores of 8.   J  I was thrilled with his winning dressage test!  Nightfall really, really needs to move up to training (a great problem) as he was a bit, er, cocky this weekend, feeling a bit playful and too confident in SJ.  He still had a great weekend to finish 3rd, and he and WS Emily are looking forward to their training level debut in July.

In BNH, Cody and Finn both did their second events ever.  Cody 33.8, Finn 37.   Baby Finn had a great dressage test other than momentarily forgetting he has a left lead—-oh baby track horses!  Cody was a bit enthusiastic but is so talented that he still managed a nice score with four 8’s.  They both finished on their dressage score to place 1-2 in the division! Cody absolutely loved the cross country—such a great way to teach a baby warmblood to go forward! Cody grabbed his first win—Go Cody!!

So the weekend wrapup:

1st Spot Treatment OT (30.0 dressage)

6th Laissez Faire OT (33.8 dressage)

3rd Nightfall ON (29.5 dressage)

1st Charmed Life BNH  (33.8 dressage)

2nd Yes Please BNH (37.0 dressage)

So happy with all the young horses this weekend.  Most importantly, they all learned, grew in confidence, and came home better horses.  Thanks to Emily and Kelly for fabulous grooming this weekend!


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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One Response to Derbyshire HT: Busy, busy, busy!

  1. Howard Moore says:

    And amidst all the hurry and the scurry, you managed to come home with one more horse than you left with!!

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