Young Event Horse Challenge: Day 1

ImageThe Young Event Horse Challenge has begun!!! Today is Day 1 of our adventure… The young horses were brought in from the field. They’ve been handled, trailered, and had vet/farrier care for the three years of their young lives, but mostly just live out and be horses.

Today they came into stalls, had their manes pulled and tails banged (no sedation!), wore bridles for the first time. They had before and after photos taken.

Next the girls each worked with their baby in the arena in hand at a walk. First, we walked over poles on the ground, then an entire tarp! We progressed to walking over barrels and a chevron (on the ground).

We are so excited for these guys… Our four years of breeding program is finally coming to fruition!!! We saw many of the attributes we were hoping for today, and are so excited. Fun fact—three of the six babies walked straight onto the tarp and over the barrels with no hesitation—exciting for event horse prospects!!

The girls each did a fabulous job with their babies today… Howard and Megan were  both in attendance coaching them on training young horses, and the girls all developed a great bond with their babies today.  It is exciting to see these foals finally become young adults, and the years of work and care come into their own!



About widespreadpanic

Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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2 Responses to Young Event Horse Challenge: Day 1

  1. Howard Moore says:

    Wow, the young’ns have really grown up (in more ways than one!). You’ve got some great looking wide bodies there – they haven’t missed too many meals!

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