Chatt Hills HT

Here in Kentucky we have a group of girls… We jokingly call ourselves the “Trying-to-event-upper-levels-on-a-shoestring-budget-club”.   Here we are, with our OTTB’s that cost less than our saddles, out trying to live the dream right?  We’re a bit of a support crew for one another, and what eventing is all about… We’re each professional riders, each trainers at different barns in the area.  But we like to pack it all into my 6-horse trailer the girls affectionately call the “horse bus” and head out of town to event our upper level dreams.   And of course, we catch the obligatory margarita once a month and hash out our big plans…

This weekend the girls and I hit Chatt Hills.   I’ve never been… What a great venue!  I had the pleasure of working for the Bouckarts/Pollards many years ago, and I can tell you they’ve outdone themselves with this new facility.

Nemo has been doing really well with his dressage, but this day was not to be… After a good warmup, he spooked at the flags, got his tongue over the bit coming up the centerline for the first time in his life, and that was that for the test.     Unfortunately the collection of 7’s and 8’s were marred by some 4’s from the moments the tongue went over the bit.  I was very disappointed with our performance for 41… Fortunately we have a dressage show this week at 3rd level to go redeem ourselves!

Cross county was a great course… very open and galloping with outstanding footing.   Nemo galloped well and ate up the course easily, not batting an eye at a single question.  I made a wrong turn at one point to take the wrong path (something apparently a few others did as well–ooops) and managed to re-route to the right path.  Even with the momentary loss of GPS skills, Nemo came in with just 2 time penalties XC.  He was excellent.    He had a good show jumping round…. The course was massive.  He had two down but tried hard and jumped well.  He ended up 5th in a great class of very good horses.

Our weekend was complete when I was driving home tonight and saw a horse trailer on the side of the road broken down… we pulled over to help our fellow eventers and gave them a lift back to our home state.   It was definitely a group effort kind of weekend!

Congrats to my friend Suzie (our travel mate) who completed her third advanced this weekend.    Big thanks as always to Super Andrea for her grooming skills!


About widespreadpanic

Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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