River Glen Wrapup

What a great weekend at River Glen.

I was hoping to be at Fair Hill this weekend running Grasshopper’s first CIC***…   The lovely folks at River Glen let us enter on the closing date, and our plan was diverted to run Nemo (Widespread Panic) in the Intermediate in TN instead.  Needless to say, that made for a sad start to the weekend… One Andrea and I were determined to overcome.

This weekend at River Glen was blessed with a full division of great horses and riders at Intermediate, pairs that I greatly respect… An impressive field!   We love the terrific organizers at River Glen, and were very happy for them to see their event fill this year… If you ever have the opportunity to go there—GO!

Nemo has never travelled to an event alone before… When he was a 4yo,  he always travelled with Never Stop Dreaming, my advanced horse.  Later, he always travelled with Grasshopper.  So this weekend was his very first lifetime trip alone to a horse trial…   Which led to some WILD antics on Friday!!!

With an 8am ride time on Saturday morning and a wild Nemo on Friday, that made for a very early dressage morning as you can imagine!   After some super-fun pre-rides, Nemo rocked his dressage test…  He earned five 8’s, and was generally a very good boy!  We had show jumping a few hours later…  He was terrific—very confident and happy with his job.  We had a cheap rail at 5A but he didn’t touch anything else and tried his little redheaded heart out.

On Sunday, temperatures in the 50’s and overcast skies made for great cross country weather.   Nemo was fabulous–he’s not a fast galloping horse so you never really go very fast, but he’s a very experienced horse now so he’s very efficient.  His efficiency and rideability came in handy, and he easily cantered around double clean and made time!

When all was said and done in the intermediate, Nemo was the only horse to finish on a score in the 30’s.  He won by 4.2 points!   So proud of the redhead today.  It is actually his third straight win at River Glen Intermediate—what a rockstar he’s become!  Very, very proud of the boy.

Also immensely proud of student Leah Lang Gluscic, with two horses in the prelim (one of whom was doing his first prelim).   She had a double clean SJ round on one (one of only 4 horses to do so at the level) and a double clean xc round on the other (one of only 2 to do so) to finish 3rd and 7th today!  Well done!!!

Congrats to all of our wonderful friends who also had great weekends… Andrea and I didn’t have much to do with only one horse, so we enjoyed watching and cheering (loudly) for all of you!!     Per usual, thanks to Andrea who is the best groom anyone could wish for!

Hop, this win is dedicated to you… I know somewhere you are looking down and smirking at Nemo right now, chastising him because you think you can do better.  😉



About widespreadpanic

Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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One Response to River Glen Wrapup

  1. Hi Megan, I just wanted to say that I was so, so sorry to hear of Grasshopper’s passing. He was such an amazing athlete and you two were an unbelievable pair. I found out while reading Laine Ashker’s blog that he had passed and I just want to pass along my condolences. No horse could have asked for a better owner, rider or partner than yourself. You gave him a chance at life that he otherwise would never have had, and a chance to revel in his own athleticism. I won’t ever forget my dressage lesson on him when I came down to interview in 2008, and the power of that huge canter stride– wondering how on earth you made it look so easy! I wish you the best of luck with all your horses and students and know that he’ll always be with you.

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