Paul Frazer CT

What a whirlwind day at Paul Frazer!  We took something like 20 horses with us, some showing in multiple classes and divisions… Now that’s a busy day!  I was so, so proud of all of the students today.  They were amazing! Each and every one had their own special victory for the day, and each went home a more experienced competitor! Just a few highlights:


  • Nicole took her 4yo OTTB to his first show this weekend, entered in Starter. She had by far the most entertaining weekend… Her baby TB decided he was actually shipped off to the rodeo, and was very challenging. I was so proud of her, as she patiently and calmly schooled him through all of it, and by the end of the weekend she had a successful completion and a much better horse to take home!

  • Meghan had her first show with the experienced CEO campaigner, The Sandpiper. They were absolutely magical together–30’s dressage, clean SJ to finish 7.  I loved seeing them together!

  • Emily is a former working student and stepped back into her old shoes, catch riding a young horse for me at BN. They were terrific and had a great day! Then she rode her own horse Koda to equally fabulous SJ and D tests, where I was absolutely elated with the improvement. These two have upper levels written all over them.

  • Andrea rode Charmed Life in his first CT, scoring 28 in dressage after a fabulous test, with just one green rail to finish 4th.

  • Carlene had a great BN debut with Forrest, and her best SJ round to date… It was gorgeous!!!

  • Christina had her horse park debut with her partner Tortellini, and they were absolutely adorable.  They had more fun I think than anyone, and finished their clean round to a massive cheering section that could not have been more proud.

  • Emma showed in her first KHP outing as well with her new horse, where they had a great day at BN and N and laid a great foundation for a very, very special future.

  • Erika had her BN debut this weekend, wowing everyone with two steady lovely dressage tests and two hunter rounds in SJ! We are so incredibly proud of how far they’ve come… They’re going to be serious contenders!!!

  • Holly took 4yo Jester to his second show ever, where they continued on their success streak and laid a great foundation for a very promising future.

  • Jenny WON the dressage at Training level, which I was thrilled with!  Just one rail bumped them down a little, but all in all a very, very successful day for them!

  • Kathryn and Sammy are bursting with confidence at BN, and made light work of their weekend.  Bigger things to come soon!

  • Nemo won his dressage class for the day, with a 65% even with my error in my free walk.

  • Kelly and Miko learned so much about each other this weekend to build on their already incredible partnership… I know we’ll see big things to come from them this summer!

  • Micki  also WON the dressage in her division!  She and Oreo are becoming fiersome competitors, and thus far in three outings have been 1st, 2nd, and 3rd…. I’d say they are having a dream season!

  • Nikki WON the dressage at prelim with a 29.1 and never looked back (a 4.6 pt lead after dressage!)… With a gorgeous dressage test and a gorgeous SJ round, she won a really impressive division of terrific riders and horses.  She also won the high point thoroughbred award from the Jockey Club!  So proud of her!

Congrats to all the riders and horses on a fabulous day.


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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