Aiken Client Trip–Carlene’s Wrap Up

I don’t think I really had a clue what this Aiken week was going to really entail when I was able at the last minute to commit to going! What a whirlwind it was but full of daily and even minute by minute improvements in everyone and every horse on the trip! I enjoyed getting to know each person on the trip better and seeing the improvements in every pair each day! What a blast we had!

Having just come over to the Eventing side last February with Forest, who at the time didn’t want to jump a cross rail and thought it was fun to buck on the other side of the jump, my goals were small. I was thinking, it would just be a great trip to get to ride every day and hopefully not have any issues with beginner novice jumps. Only Megan and Forest apparently had much higher goals.  J

I think our cross country schooling at Full Gallop was my most memorable day. I was just happy to be out on a beautiful day with my back not bothering me, after injuring it just weeks prior to the trip worried I wouldn’t be able to tolerate riding every day.  We started over a couple normal BN fences and quickly moved on to questions Forest and I had never seen.  First a spooky open table which he wiggled, but was brave and jumped it on the first try. Then, we moved on to bigger things with banks in and out of water, tables going downhill after the jump, and bigger ditches.  I think the most excited I was for Forest and I, was going over his first trakhener ever with no refusal!  I could just feel Forest saying “these are different and bigger, Mom, but if you want me to jump, I will jump.” This day taught us both to really focus on the “quality of canter”.  And that was just from ONE day!  From little BN questions to solid N and some T questions by the end of the week, I was floored at what Forest is capable of and how much more secure in the tack and confident I feel.  Wow, Megan, I never thought before this trip that we would be where we finished the trip! Thank you!


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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