A Weekend of Jumper Shows


We all had a terrific time today in the indoor jumpers! Annette had the best courses of her life today—so proud!  Emma did her first show with Ski, and they competed through 3’3″…. I’m very excited, as they are going to be a great partnership! 14yo event rider Sloane catch rode Buddy through 3′ and did a terrific job—they had some GORGEOUS rounds and not a single rail all day! Kathryn rode her 4yo today… He progressed from being terrified of a coop to going confidently and beautifully around his courses like a pro! Nikki rode her youngster today, who simply got better and better and by the end of the day was super confident at 3′. Team CEO’s 5yo app/TB Jerry (Aka Wapentake) showed for the first time at 3’3″ today, winning Champion for the Schooling Jumpers. So proud of everyone today! Good job guys!


Today was ALL ABOUT Emma & Buddy!  Despite Emma being 14yo and catch riding Buddy at the last minute, they DOMINATED the jumper show today. They won EVERY jumper class they entered in the Beginner Jumper and Hopeful Jumper divisions, four straight wins and eight straight double clear rounds. They were named champion in BOTH divisions. They beat 32 horses today—huge divisions with very good horses and riders. VERY proud of them! They had gorgeous hunter rounds the first round each time, then in their jump offs made turns that another trainer commented on, “I didn’t even think that line was possible!”  Amazing!

Annette and DD continued their hot streak with all double clear rounds, as well as moving up to the 2’6″ level very successfully!

Our 5yo appy Jerry was terrific today, with a 1st, 2nd (to Emma!) and 5th. 5/6 clear rounds, with just one rail in a jump off when I got a little lost… Ooops. He was reserve Champion at 3’3″ today.

Very proud of everyone!


About widespreadpanic

Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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