And the 2011 season comes to a close…

Farewell 2011!

We ended the 2011 season at the River Glen HT in Area 3.  River Glen is one of my favorite HT for its picturesque mountain setting, friendly staff/organizers/volunteers, and old time eventing feeling.

Can I brag on my beloved chestnut pony for a minute?

This November’s Intermediate division was perhaps the best I’ve ever seen here.  I can’t tell you how many horse/rider pairs were in this class whom I really respect & admire!  The dressage warmup alone was a sight to behold.  Nemo was a good boy for his last test of the year, and scored a 28.0 in Intermediate to sit in second by just 0.8 pts behind Rachel Zoller’s lovely test on Only Kings.

River Glen SJ is notoriously challenging, and this weekend did not disappoint. The course was lovely and a terrific challenge with all the right questions and nothing unfair.  There was one double clean SJ, one 4 fault SJ, three 8 faults, and the rest 12-33 faults…. This course took no prisoners!!  I was really happy with how Nemo jumped… Very confidently and trying his heart out.  I put him just a hair too close to a BIG square black oxer at #9 for one rail down, but with the second fewest penalties of the division he moved from 2nd to 1st overnight.

Sunday dawned absolutely beautiful, a perfect day for XC.   Nemo and I have been together for 7 years (since he was 3yo) and we are like an old married couple.  I really wanted to go after the XC and have a  good, forward round. I asked him to gallop everywhere and he did not disappoint… He was efficient, forward, and trying his heart out.  Coming to the 2nd water the rider in front of me had fallen (thankfully she’s okay) and people were standing around her near the fence in… I looked to see if the TD or judge wanted to pull me up, but no one did, and thankfully Nemo kept his gameface on in the commotion and still jumped nicely in.  I was so happy with him everywhere… He galloped on everywhere and came across the finish line full of running, and 15 seconds under time.  HE WAS AMAZING!

When all was said and done, Nemo won the Intermediate on final score 32.0, a total of 16 points over the next place.   It was the lowest winning OI score at River Glen in the last 12 horse trials they’ve hosted…    I’m so happy for this horse… He’s worked so hard, this was all about him, and he deserves it!  LOVE him!!!

Buddy and I did his first novice this weekend, winning the dressage on 27.  He had a couple of learning rails around a very big SJ, and finished 4th.  He came away a much better horse for the future, and man that horse can jump!

Andrea and Vie ran their second training… They finished 6th in the Open Training (despite being an STR) in good company.  I’m so proud– Andrea had her lifetime best XC ride! It was gorgeous!

Jeri and Mouse improved by leaps and bounds this weekend in Mouse’s second novice… They scored 30 in dressage with a gorgeous test and finished in 2nd!!!  Big things to come in the future!

So proud of everyone this weekend… It was a great way to wrapup the season, and great to see old friends and new!  Can’t wait for 2012 already!

(Photo is actually of Nemo at River Glen in April 2011—no photos from this weekend available yet!  Photo credit Nikki Burgio.  Video clips are are this weekend’s event, taken by my fabulous dad, Howard Moore.  Thanks guys!)

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  1. rockhillfarm says:

    How exciting! Congratulations on everyone’s success!

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