Jumpstart HT

In a word, BRRRRRRRRR!!!!

It was brisk this weekend to say the least, with sharp winds and frost on the ground. Some of our novice riders had the good fortune to go cross country in 35 degree weather with a heavy frost on the ground and sharp morning light… Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining—I think learning to ride well in adverse conditions is a big part of being an event rider! Just super proud of them for being successful, especially as it was the first novice for some! You go ladies!

And now for the stats from the weekend: ‎17 horses from our farm at Jumpstart HT today…. Total for all horses: 6 rails, (12 horses double clear). 15 clear on XC, just 2 with stop. 14 dressage scores in 30’s. GREAT job today guys!!!!

There were so many, but a quick wrap-up of the super students:

  • Sausage and Andrea highlighted their weekend with a gorgeous 35 dressage test in the pro division, adding just a single rail all weekend for a great outing!
  • Nikki rode Heavenly brilliantly around the OTTB’s first BN. The mare was green in dressage, but proved to be a talent for the future by FODS.
  • Tas and Sloane were simply incredible in Jr Novice, their first at this level. 37 dressage, FODS with absolutely gorgeous rounds in all three phases.
  • Riddle and Quin had their best dressage test ever for an impressive 31, FODS for 3rd place!
  • Trooper and Kim easily FODS with flawless jumping rounds that left Kim with a big smile!
  • Roofie and Hannah had their best novice score to date, 35 dressage and FODS for an impressive 4th place in a great division!
  • Andrea rode Berke in his first novice, where they shone with 34 dressage, FODS for 4th place!
  • Whitt and Alexis also made their Novice debut, 40 dressage and two great jumping rounds… He’s just 4yo, so you’re going to see incredible things from this pair soon!
  • Molson and Jenny had a triumphant return to eventing with 34 dressage to FODS for an incredible 3rd place ribbon!
  • Owen and Kelly drive from St Louis, so we sadly haven’t seen them since June and have missed them terribly! It wasn’t their best weekend and it’s hard since they are so far away that we can’t help them, but the exciting news is that she’ll be joining us as a working student next summer to come master their skills… SO excited!
  • Hercules and Jerry B scored a 34 in dressage, FODS for a great ribbon, though sorry, I’m not sure the color. But they were terrific and ended with a BIG smile on their faces!
  • Oliver and Nikki had their final prelim prep before the CCI*, and they had a great school… The plan was just to go slow and steady XC as they are already qualified, so they were outside of their typical stellar ribbon, but they are set up to be brilliant in two weeks!
  • Lara brought her great mare from St Louis for prelim… Though we’ve never had the chance to work with them before, Lara remarked on making major improvements in the short time we had together in warmup, and she was very very happy with her clean round this weekend!
  • Vie and Andrea were absolutely stunning this weekend… My WS Andrea did her first Training on my 5yo mare Vie. They had a lovely dressage, followed by clean XC with just 2 time, and a gorgeous double clean SJ. They were tremendous and I couldn’t have been more proud!!!

As for my guys, I rode my little pet Lovesweetlove again this weekend. He’s such a champ! He did a great dressage for a 31. Unfortunately I had a silly rail that dropped us in the standings–my apologies Buddy. But he was a champ and packed me around double clean XC. He is such a special horse! He is a BN/N packer and so much fun, and for sale if anyone would like a horse of a lifetime!

Wapentake was great this weekend, his best dressage yet (he’s only 5yo) for 36 in front of top dressage judge Karen Winn. She had some great comments that were right-on-the-money and I couldn’t have agreed more with! He easily finished on dressage score for 6th place in Open Novice in a big, impressive class.

Expedition was terrific, with a 37 dressage and easily finishing on dressage score for 8th. He always gives you 110%! He’s still very young, but I think he is very promising!

Thus ends a long weekend for us… 7am to 6pm ride times on Saturday and 7am to 5pm ride times on Sunday. I for one am ready for bed! Good night all!



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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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