KY Classique Day 3

So the BN, N, & T riders were fabulous today!  Drumroll please! Here are the results of the weekend for all of the Team CEO riders!

Sloane & Tas made light work of the BN, with a 37 dressage and just one rail. With a bored, easy weekend, they earn their moveup to N!  They finished 6th.

Buddy scored a 32 in dressage with a great test, and one cheap rail. He easily cantered around XC double clean for 5th place in an amazing OBN division.

The Jumping Bean and Andrea scored 37 in dressage and finished their first event together with a double clean SJ and great XC round!

Kelly & Owen had an easy breezy weekend at BN, easily FODS in 5th! They earned their moveup to Novice.

Jeri & Mouse finished 9th on their dressage score of
38 in BN. They too will be going Novice at Jumpstart!

Holly & Dexter scored a 38 in dressage, adding just 4 faults to their score with a great XC round to fnish 9th.

Andrea & Berke finished 10th in BN, adding just 2 speeding faults to their dressage score.  They’ll be going Novice at Jumpstart!

Hannah & Roofie finished on their dressage score to finish 10th as one of only a couple of double clean SJ rounds in their division!

Andrea & Vie score 39 in dressage, and add just one rail. They were super bored at novice and finished 7th.

Emily & Koda ran their very first Novice this weekend, and finished a terrific 9th! Congrats on such a huge accomplishment!!!

Kelly & Miko also ran their first Novice this weekend, finishing 8th! Their weekend was highlighted by a brilliant double clean XC round! Congrats!!

Holly & Trevor finished 10th in Training, with a great clean XC round and just one rail in SJ.

Nikki & Oliver finished 5th in Preliminary with one of only two double clean XC rounds in their division!

And for even more fun, the XC course was open for schooling afterwards… So Hayden and Quin, who were so excellent to groom for us all weekend when we were in a pinch, got to come out and run around the course themselves! They were brilliant.

Add that to the 1st for Hopper and 2nd for Nemo in the Open Intermediate division, and I’d say we had a pretty terrific weekend!  It has been three hot, long days at KHP, but it was well worth it! after three back to back weekends—a clinic of 35 riders to teach, a horse trial at our farm, and then KY Classique with so many horses, we’re all looking forward to a good night’s rest!

Congrats to all!!   Thanks to Barry Simon for the great photos!

And click here for the stories from the weekend, including the wrapup for the OI division.



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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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