What a happy week, what a sad week…

This week, while I congratulate two buyers and new friends, I say a sad goodbye to two horses who I’ve owned for three years each.  I already posted on the sale of Sheldon to that horse’s soul mate… But we’ve had a great week, as we’ve also found a soul mate for my beloved pet, Boscoe.  (Okay, co-soul-mate, I claim a little bit of connection too!)

Frequently in our sport, the long hours and low pay and ups and downs of eventing can cause professionals to lose inspiration. Everyone has a different way of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  For me, I always have

one horse in the barn who is my little pet, just for pure fun.  Amateurs have the right idea, and we pros sometimes forget.  It’s work, but it should be fun too!!  So my first fun project for my professional career, was Spot Treatment, a 15h leopard appalooa who I competed through the CCI* level before selling to an

outstanding home out west.  When I sold him, I was heartbroken, and replaced him with Color Treatment, a 15.3h paint gelding.

In those three years, Color Treatment has evented extensively at Training Level, without ever incurring a XC jump penalty.  He was prepping to move up to prelim, actually.  While a forward guy, he loves to jump and will jump pretty much anything you put in front of him!  Now we’ve found him the perfect home with Lynn… They were PERFECT for each other from the very first moment, and just understand each other so well.  We’ll miss him so much, but I know with my little pets that when I find the perfect person for them, I have to say goodbye.

So here’s to all the great memories, all of the wonderful XC rounds and all the smiles he’s put on my face…. To the Horse Illustrated photo shoots, to all the things he’s taught all the students…  Swimming at the pool, trail rides, games, and pony camps…  Here’s to all the memories of a great career together.  And here’s to a great future with a great new mom.

Boscoe, we’ll always love you!


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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One Response to What a happy week, what a sad week…

  1. A better home or person to love him could never be found. Lynn (though I do not personally know her), is an advocate and true horseman to who the welkfare and happiness of each of her horses is readily apparent. I wish them them the best and you comfort in the fact that you have done the VERY BEST for a horse much loved by you. Congrats to you all.

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