Midsouth PC HT: Part 2: What really matters—The Students!

First of all, before we get to the big collection of ribbons, let me just say that our group this weekend was SO MUCH FUN!  We shipped in for the weekend, and had such a fun time with a picnic lunch under the trees on Saturday… It was such an awesome group of folks around the trailer, all pitching in and helping everyone else get ready… And when the BN riders were doing their SJ today as the very last thing, all the group stuck around to cheer them on… As our last rider finished for the day, there were 15 people at the out-gate to congratulate them!  It was such a fun, supportive group!!!   (Photo at left, the group cheering for the last BN riders of the day.)

It was a big weekend in many ways…. My working student Jenny did her first Training!  It was a hard training, and she made light work of it! Her best dressage test to date (though one of her worst scores for a 36)… On XC, her watch wasn’t working, but she rode so well and knew her horse well enough that she paced it perfectly, bringing him home double clean anyway.  In SJ, rails were flying, and she went in to jump a double clean SJ round without touching a pole!   She ended up TIED FOR 1st!!!  She was a couple of seconds faster than the other rider, so she ended the tiebreaker in 2nd place at her very first Training.  Well done!

Nikki rode Oliver this weekend in Prelim… She really, really attacked the XC and showed some great cross country riding… Oliver was one of only 2 to make time on XC in Open Preliminary!   Then she went in Sunday and easily jumped a double clean SJ.   Rails were flying at this level too… Despite the fact that she was accidentally placed in the Open Prelim division instead

of rider, and she was competing against many professionals, and intermediate and advanced riders, she was the ONLY rider in Open prelim to finish on her dressage score! When the final scores were tallied, Nikki and Oliver beat everyone to WIN the Open Prelim!!!  Congratulations to Nikki and an elated Nancy!  Hard work pays off!

On a whole, the group was amazing.  EVERY SINGLE RIDER jumped clean on XC.  There were only four rails down amongst 10 SJ rounds.

1st Oliver and Nikki Kowalski Burgio in Open Prelim, only one to FODS!!!
2nd Molson and Jenny McCoy finish their first training TIED for 1st!!!
4th Koda and Emily Roepke, earning her move up to Novice!
5th Roofie and Hannah Goodwin at Novice!
6th Trooper and Kim Branscom at Novice! FODS
7th Ex and Megan, in Ex’ first training! FODS
7th Miko and Kelly Kramer, finishing on their dressage score!
8th Ravy and Megan, thanks to a loan from Sloane Simon
9th Tas and Meghan Towle, ending the weekend with a gorgeous SJ!
12th Vie and Andrea Lauren Johnson do her first Novice—GORGEOUS jump rounds!

Out of 10 horses, 100% clean XC rounds! And out of 10 horses, they jumped 220 show jumps today, and had only four down!!! That’s less than 2%. Well done! What a fun group it was!

Everyone was terrific.  Thanks to all the great people this weekend… Thanks especially to Andrea and Jenny for their terrific grooming, and Sloane and Hayden for being amazing grooms as well.

Congrats to all!

Photos from top to bottom: Some of the gang cheering for the BN crew…  Jenny hugs Molson after receiving her 2nd place ribbon in her first Training… Kim and Trooper on their way to a great test… Hannah and Roofie rock the dressage.


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One Response to Midsouth PC HT: Part 2: What really matters—The Students!

  1. murphysgreytrooper says:

    I had a SUPER FUN weekend! Thanks for your help Megan, and thx to all for the support and comraderie! I so look forward to seeing THE GANG at each show!

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