Queeny Park Horse Trials

Greetings from MO!   Just a quick saturday update…   We arrived here yesterday after a long haul to have daytime temps reaching 98 degrees!!  (We shipped in early AM so the horses weren’t in the trailer in that weather.)  It was sweltering.   The heat was absolutely oppressive.  

Fortunately the wonderful folks at Queeny pulled some magic and convinced the weather to drop 18 degrees for today.  =)   So today’s humid high of 80 was a welcome change!!  My working students Andrea and Jenny were AMAZING grooms, and made the day a breeze…  Every time I turned around, my next horse was tacked… They spoiled me!  Howard manned the camera and water bottles all day, and will have dozens of videos to share—he’s amazing! 

Quin and Riddle were AMAZING!!!    Their lifetime best dressage test was well rewarded with a 31!  Then a gorgeous, foot-perfect XC round to place them double clean.

Nikki scored an amazing 29 to win the dressage in the Open Preliminary!   They happily crossed the finish line for the first time for their moveup to this level, and learned a ton.  And onto Oliver’s best phase tomorrow!

I rode Vie to her first Novice… She was terrific in dressage, scoring a 37.  In the middle of her test, she slipped on the slick grass hill footing which is so unlike her… She’s my little motor cylce!  Turns out she was removing her shoe.  =)  On XC, she noticed that the fences grew at the first fence, but then proceeded to pack me around the rest of the course like a pro!!  Double clean XC for her.

Ex ran novice this weekend as well… He was really super in dressage for 34… He still has plenty of upside above that, but I was very happy with his maturation.   He happily galloped around XC double clean.

I am riding Colin & Jackie Stobbs’ terrific horse Lovesweetlove in his first USEA horse trial this weekend.    He was stellar in dressage, scoring a 25.7 for the second lowest score of the entire event!  So happy with him!   He learned so, so very much out there on XC, and had some real epiphanies.  He joined the rest of the crowd in having a double clean XC round. 

Kelly rode Team CEO sales graduate this weekend in BN…  They are fresh off of spending the weekend at the Team CEO Eventing weekend a week ago, and her hard work is paying off!!!  She was brilliant in dressage for 31 and easily went double clean with a beautiful, confident XC round. 

So far, all horses are sitting in the top 6!   (And much higher placings than that!)  But since this game isn’t over yet, we won’t be counting our chickens before they hatch!    Fingers crossed for good SJ tomorrow… This event always has the most difficult SJ of any event I’ve been to in this country, so nothing short of tons of work left to do…

In the words of Jeri, “Make it a great day!”



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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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  1. Hope everyone kept the fuzzy side up today !! Can’t wait for more updates.

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