Greater Dayton HT–Day 2 Update from Megan

Hi guys!

What a weekend…. Storms beckoned on the horizon, but the Eventing Gods were smiling on Greater Dayton this weekend, as against the odds of the forecast we were gifted with 80 degrees and sun.

Howard already recapped Saturday, so I’ll hit Sunday for everyone back home. 🙂 The morning started off with Nemo in prelim, the 2nd horse of the day on the course… I made sure to start off with positive thinking—isn’t it incredible how the voices in our heads can be our own worst enemies??? Positive thinking translated to positive riding, and I was thrilled that Nemo put in a foot perfect round that was smooth, consistent, effortless, and spot on. He was super positive and found everything to be easy—a great feeling! He galloped along in his loose ring snaffle, and I never took a pull or fought… It was great to be so in sync! He came home easily under the time, bringing him home an efficient 18 seconds under—not wasteful, but under time. It turned out to be the fastest time of the day, and only 5 of the VERY TOP CLASS 20 horses made time… And all the rest were within 4 seconds of the time. Nemo isn’t a fast horse and gallops quite slowly, but is extremely efficient as we’re like an old married couple and don’t ever argue—we just read each other and truck on. So it’s nice to feel efficiency be fast, as he never even remotely approached a fast speed!

Nemo ended the weekend on his dressage mark of 27, (with an error) for 3rd place in a VERY tough division in Open Preliminary against many professionals who I greatly respect.

Ex ran his second Novice… He is young, silly, and difficult, yet I love him so… He makes me smile. He was so good on XC, trying his heart out. He’s still green, but he was making a great shape over the jump, and shows tremendous promise for the future! He finished double clean, on his dressage score of 35 in a tough division for 8th place.

Jerry ran his first novice, and his second HT… He is extremely talented, but also still young and challenging. He learned a life lesson over the first two fences that the naughty app side of his breeding was not allowed to rear its ugly head, and that he would be a good boy. It was a HUGE lesson to learn, as after our discussion he went out a boy and came back a man. By fence 4, he was LOVING it and having a blast. He really learned what his job was about today, and was double clean XC. It was a huge, huge moment for him! He finished his first novice with a 40 in dressage, 1 rail SJ, and 0/0 XC.

Molson ran his second Novice with Jenny…. Let me just reiterate that their dressage was brilliant yesterday! Anyway, onto xc… They discussed who was driving the ship at the first fence, and Jenny won the argument… He proceeded to have a great round and they were easily double clean XC. Jenny finished the weekend tied for 2nd!!!!

Miko is 4yo and he and Kelly are doing their second event… They had a beautiful, foot perfect XC that was so easy for them, even with many stops/falls/eliminations happening around her…They were beautiful. They jumped double clean, and finished their second BN in 7th!

Riddle and Quin had their best weekend yet. Beautiful dressage, 0/0 SJ, and their best XC round ever… Quin was a woman on a mission, and rode her best round yet. They finished the weekend where they started in 3rd place on their dressage score.

So have you been counting??? Six horses, six double clean XC rounds!!! I’d call that a pretty good day! And every rider got a ribbon! It was a great weekend, especially on a group of 4yo’s and 5yo’s. Congrats to all that went. Thanks to Donna and Howard for the support crew, Kelly/Jenny/Quin for the grooming, and Andrea for being a star and running the farm back at home.


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2 Responses to Greater Dayton HT–Day 2 Update from Megan

  1. dexter says:

    Great job everyone… I was following online this weekend, and was blown away by your dressage scores! Combine that with superb XC, and what a weekend!! Great job 🙂

  2. murphysgreytrooper says:

    I too was tuned in all weekend – it was great fun following along here at home! Thx for “taking us with you”! And good form ladies – well done! Cant wait to see you all this weekend!!

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