Bacon makes for a good day

What a day!   We have been on foal watch for several nights, so I woke up yesterday morning and cooked the girls a big breakfast to start the day off right and reward them for their sleeplessness…  Bacon, gravy, biscuits, etc.   Andrea commented that it’s always a good day when you start the morning with bacon.  Little did we know, she couldn’t have been more right.

We worked the young horses in the morning, and had a jump school for Buddy, Berke, Molson, Syrah, Ryan, and Jerry.  They were AMAZING!   They jumped 3′ to 3’3″ courses, and were all stars.  It is so fun to feel them all grow up… Jerry really liked the bigger fences, and showed some serious talent… So that got me excited…

Then a good friend called me about a TB coming off the track… She has an AMAZING eye for an event horse, and when she said I’d love this one, I knew I was in trouble.   I’m not even shopping for a horse!  But when something special comes along, it rarely cares that the timing is right.   And sure enough, she was right.   So we went and picked up our newest addition…  “Yes Please” is a stunning 3yo bay TB, about 16.2h.  He is still a colt at this point, but that is soon to be corrected.  🙂   He’s just turning 3, so he’ll spend a year at Howard’s farm getting fat and chilling out before we start to work him.   But she was absolutely right—this guy is STUNNING!   How could a day get better than that?

I took the girls to a pub in Midway for a celebration lunch… We had a great time, and lunch was terrific!  We returned to work and rode quite a few more horses… Then I taught lessons for the evening, and was extra excited to have a couple of my students catch on to have epiphanies that make me absolutely thrilled.  Then we had two new students join us, which is always fun.   (We seem to have a big, wonderful crowd of girls from UConn now—who knew?)

My wonderful dad was in town, so he took us out to dinner at the Thai restaurant in Georgetown… AMAZING…   But that’s not where the story ends…. We’ve been staying up with our broodmare Addy for several days, thinking she was going to foal.  Last night when we did our night check at 8pm, she milk tested 95% and her PH had dropped… We watched her constantly, and saw her water break at 9:24.  By 9:36 we had a stunning, blinged-out chestnut colt!   It was so funny to see so much white… Every foal we’ve ever had has been a bay with not more than 2 socks, if that.   This guy is a chestnut with a star, strip, and four maximum stockings.  BLING!!!    He’s by Contucci, a top dressage sire, out of Sweet Adelaide, an Oldenburg mare.

So we had been joking all day that all wonderful mornings start with bacon.   Therefore, the chestnut colt is unanimously dubbed “BACON” as a barn name!  After all, all good things begin with Bacon.   🙂

About widespreadpanic

Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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3 Responses to Bacon makes for a good day

  1. dexter says:

    What a great story on the name! Congrats on the first arrival!!! (and the new TB is CUTE…)

  2. bartendersspecial says:

    Yayyyy more Huskies 🙂

  3. bevy says:

    This post made me hungry.

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