Horse for Sale of the Week: Mattie

Everyone who knows me knows I’m not a big mare fan… But in my career, a couple of mares have begun to change my mind on that concept.  Mattie is one of them.

Mattie is an 8yo 16.3h black Shire X mare, $8500 neg.   She is owned by my working student Andrea, who has owned her for 6 years.  Andrea has practically grown up on her, and Mattie has given her so much confidence that now her owner has moved on to a horse with upper level aspirations.  Thus, we are looking for a great home for Mattie.

Mattie is a BIG girl.   Yet she has an incredible temperament, so she is great with small children and larger adults alike.   One of the videos below shows her being ridden by a 7 yo child.  She is a star at Pony Camp, where she was happy to be ridden by children from beginners to experienced riders.   She has been ridden by children as young as 5, and took a 7yo kid for a trail ride all across the farm at camp like a pro.

In addition, Mattie is a lovely jumper… She has nice form over fences, and has evented at the Beginner Novice level successfully with a double clean XC round.  She has schooled extensively, and particularly excels at water, ditches, and banks.   She is a quiet mare, more of a kick along ride—doesn’t tend to get hot, nervous, buck, rear, run away, etc.  She happily goes all phases in a snaffle.  She is so good that she can miss weeks of riding, and then still be borrowed for a beginner lesson.

I absolutely love Mattie.  If I had it in the budget, I’d keep her as a schoolmaster forever!  She is a gem… If you want confidence, this is your horse!  She is super sound, lives barefoot, and can live inside or out.  She is an excellent babysitter in the field as well as under saddle.

If you’ve always dreampt of eventing, trail riding with your friends, foxhunting, and having the time of your life while feeling extremely confident, this is your horse!

Videos can be seen on the website at just click on Horses for Sale.


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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