What Eventing is all about…

Let me just say, I LOVE MY STUDENTS!!!

On Wednesday, I was corresponding with the Secretary for Spring Bay horse trials, when she mentioned that she didn’t have any help to set up show jumping fences for the two arenas at the show.    She said she was going to be setting them up with possibly only herself and the course designer!   It was 9pm Wednesday, and they would be setting up 1pm on Thursday…. I told her I’d see what we could do, and at minimum I’d see her there the next day.

Then the chain of emails began… I emailed out to all of our wonderful Team CEO riders the problem, many of whom would be at work that day, and all of whom had less than 24 hours notice…

So on Thursday, my working students and I arrived at the park.  I was so happy to see lots of people in the arena setting up jumps—Debbie wouldn’t have been alone after all.   But when I got to the arena, I noticed that all of them were from our farm!   What an amazing display from the community to come out and help…

Many of our riders who came out weren’t even competing—Meghan T, Kathryn and her husband…. That was above and beyond!!!!      Holly Wiedemann came out from work, dressed to the nines and proclaimed she had a free hour in her schedule…. Anyone who knows this successful architect knows that she has never had a free hour in her life, so it was incredible that she made time to come out and move fences in the heat.   My wonderful working students Jenny and Andrea worked their rear ends off, per usual.   Our WS interviewee, Arwyn, was also terrific to help.   And Hannah came to join us on her spring break!

All in all, it took us 3 hours to set all of the fences for show jumping.   I was so thrilled, as Debbie, the secretary, didn’t have to move a jump….  She works as hard or harder than anyone in eventing already!!!   I’m so glad we could come out and be helpful…   I think it embodies the spirit of our sport that so many people would make time to come out and help at the drop of a hat.   I’m so, so very proud of all of our folks, and was so impressed that so many came.

Thanks for the great help everyone!!!



About widespreadpanic

Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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