Paul Frazer CT Wrap-up

WOW, if you made a list of the four coldest days I’ve ever spent outside, yesterday would have to be included as one of them!   We spent Paul Frazer CT at the KHP this weekend FREEZING!    I was so excited to get all of the students out and about for the first big show of the season, and everyone was great, but it was amazing how cold it was!  Just this week, it was 77 degrees and sunny in Lexington… Then a cold front moved in, and three days later the CT was held in blistery, windy 37 degree temperatures with an ice storm at the end for good measure.  What a day!  The photo at left shows several of our students braving the elements to cheer each other on…

Despite the cold, I was really proud of the horses and riders.   For some, it was the start of the new year in a well-established partnership.   For others, it was the first outing for experienced riders on green 4yo’s.  And for others still, it was their very first show on their horse.    It was a great experience for all!

When WS Jenny’s horse had been here for two months, the farrier and vet discovered an abnormality in his foot that had been with him his whole life and was starting to catch up to him…. We then went through endless stall rest, daily treatments, hand walking, etc.  Thanks to the genius of Dr. Newton and Eric Parsons, and the hard work of Jenny, Molson is now sound and better than ever.   Paul Frazer marked the triumphant return to eventing for Jenny & Molson, and it was really heartwarming to see!   They scored a 33.5 in dressage in the novice CT, just 0.5 points behind the leader.   They too had a great show jumping round to FODS and finish 2nd in their first outing back!   A great outcome for a long winter of hard work to get him sound… SOOOO happy for them!

WS Andrea took our young, green 4yo Jerry to his first show at the KHP.  She gave him a great confidence building weekend, and a great foundation for his future career!   They jumped double clean in show jumping to FODS.   Well ridden!

Kelly, Emily, and Nikki were all shopping for young horses last fall…. Kelly a first time horse owner, Emily a former WS, and Nikki a proven upper level rider.   We helped all three of them find horses, and this weekend marked the debut of the 4yo’s for all of them.   It was such a success!!!  All had really nice, steady dressage tests to really build for a great career.   All three jumped double clean in SJ, not only leaving all the rails up but jumping confidently  and happily around the course.  I believe Simon finished 3rd.  After the trip to Aiken, they made the horse show look like a breeze!  I am so excited for their future careers.

More riders fresh from the Aiken trip… Holly and Nikki rode Trevor and Oliver, respectively, in the Training CT.  As per usual, they did not disappoint!  Holly had her best dressage test ever!  Both riders had great tests.  Nikki jumped double clean in SJ, Holly had a great round with just one cheap rail.  Nikki finished 3rd, Holly 6th, in a very competitive division!    More importantly, Holly laid the groundwork for an amazing 2011 season, and Nikki earned her move up to the Preliminary level this year!

My boys were good….  The temperature drop from 80 in Aiken to 35 in KY had them a little crazy, but both performed well.  Ex was doing his first Novice CT, and despite some enthusiasm in warmup, put in a good test that shows real promise for the future.   He jumped double clean around a BIG show jump course, not touching a pole and finding them easy, all in his second show.  (I’ve taken my time with him as he does things at his own pace, so his last show was July 2010).  He finished 6th in a very quality division.  Nemo does a CT at the beginning of every year to get the crazy out… Being a redheaded TB and LOVING his job, the first dressage test of the year is always, errr, enthusiastic.   He had three fours for breaking in his test, but pulled off several 8’s and numerous 7’s in front of a very well respected judge, and even with an error managed a 36.    He jumped really well in SJ, his first course back since Fair Hill.  I am very happy with him…. It was sleeting and hailing by the end of the day, and the flying ice in our face was a real treat in SJ!   I apparently decided that I wanted to abbreviate the course and get home and warm, as I elected to omit fence 8.   I finished the course and crossed the finish line with a pat, and it took several minutes for the judges to figure out what I had done…. Ooops!   Nemo doesn’t know, so we won’t tell him.   I guess I decided to get all of my blonde moments out in one day…  Good thing it was just a prelim CT at a schooling show!  The important things is that he is now ready to rock and roll in April.  LOL

Our teenage superstars of Sloane and Hannah did what they do best…. They had good tests at BN, and of cou

rse finished on their dressage scores!   At 13 and 14 years old, they are b

ecoming very dependable and experienced riders!   Even when I was delayed at my dressage because the ring was running 45 minutes late and could not warm them up for SJ, they showed maturity beyond their years and warmed themselves up  and jumped brilliantly.  SUPER proud of my girls!

Hannah even catch-rode her dad’s darling percheron cross and rode her to a clear round in the Starter division.  Well done!




Kathryn brought out her 4yo for his first outing of the year…. This talented pair has a big future ahead of him, and Sammy acted like he’s been there, done that.   A great dressage test was followed by a great show jumping round where they left all the poles up….   I think we’ll see a lot more from them very soon!

Jeri and Lourie both competed fresh back from their Aiken trip.  Lourie looked like she and Max had a great day!  Jeri did the BN and Nov CT, finishing 7th in the Novice CT in their very first go at this level!  Jeri is an experienced upper level rider riding  a young homebred in his first Novice, so the experience has added meaning.  She competed both of his parents at the upper levels, so that makes it really special!  They have made LEAPS and BOUNDS in their training since last september, and I’m so proud of them!  They made the Novice SJ course look easy, and looked ready for more.   FODS easily.  Congrats!

Congratulations to all of our wonderful riders and horses. It was so good to see so many seasoned faces, and so many young horses out too…  What a terrific year 2011 will be!

2nd Jenny & Molson in Novice, 33 in dressage, 0.5 points off winning

3rd Nikki & Simon in Starter, 33 in dressage

5th Nikki & Oliver in Training

6th Megan & Ex in Novice

6th Holly C & Dexter in Novice

7th Holly C & Dexter in Beginner Novice

7th Jeri & Teddy in Novice

8th Jeri & Teddy in Beginner Novice


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One Response to Paul Frazer CT Wrap-up

  1. hfmoore says:

    Dressage video clips of Jerry, Moo, and Sausage with a cameo of Ex are loading now, should be up on YouTube by about 5:00 p.m. For some reason, my camera was shutting off after about 10-20 seconds of video.

    Not only was it COLD, but the Training and Prelim jumped so late that I had NO LIGHT to work with at all – I had some really good jumping pix of Holly and Megan, but they were too blurry to post. Midnight jumping, anyone?

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