Different twist: Aiken Update by Holly’s horse Trevor

So Megan asked Holly to write about the trip from my perspective.  Okay, Hey (Hay!) I am gonna tell you my thoughts.  First, the drive down on the trailer took waaaayyyy too long.  Then we got there.  Boy, was I glad that Jenny and Megan had clipped my coat, because that was soooo hot!  I was really thankful that I could chill a bit.  I talked with Mico on the way down and told him a couple of things.  He is green behind the ears, and I don’t know if he listened to me.

I had never been to Aiken, or Achin’ or whatever you call that place.  The ground was really sandy so it was hard to eat grass.  We are really spoiled at Team CEO where grass grows without sand!  The first day we got to go to some cool place with BIG jumps.  I am used to them, but my owner, Holly, is not half as accomplished as I am.  She asks me to do ridiculous things, but since I am a good guy, I play along.  I make her look a lot smarter than she is.

I am really thankful for Andrea and Jenny. They are so good to me and make me comfortable at every turn.  I liked being across the aisle from Miles, who is really cute and a lot smaller than I am.  He is loads of fun and has lots of bright colors on his coat.  He is cool.  I found out that since I have been nicer to everyone they are nicer to me.  I am impressed with the horses I got to be with.  I think Oliver is about the coolest, but he has a black coat and is very pretty.  Sorry, but my coat is white.  Okay, it used to be gray.  I really like Molson, because he is the only one that is my size, he could be bigger.  I really like Coda, but he is so fast it wears me out.  Of course, Toby and I are big buddies, because we have been there, done that.  X, well, what can you say.  That guy needs some more mileage.  Jeri’s guys are really talented.  How about that stud?  Heelloo – wish I were! I think that Andrea’s mare was ready to kick me in the face, so I tried to avoid her.

I was really glad to get home to Team CEO.  It was fun being down in Aching…. I am not so sore thanks to good wraps and “sore no more” poultice.  I really like being a part of Team CEO.  It beats having ulcers and being mean to other horses.  I found out that if you are nice to others, they will be nice to you!  I really liked my new friends, and given that I am the oldest statesman, other horses have started to respect me.  I liked being a part of a group, and we all had a ‘boatload’ of fun! (ask my equine buddies about that inside joke!).

Your pal,

Trevor Forever


About widespreadpanic

Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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3 Responses to Different twist: Aiken Update by Holly’s horse Trevor

  1. bevy says:

    LOL — love this!! bev

  2. hfmoore says:

    Good thing Holly’s got a cool dude like Trevor to look out for her. Next time, let him ride in the truck.

  3. nikandol says:

    That is great! Holly is awesome!

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