Saturday in Aiken

Woohoo!   There are few things better than going XC.   Today was the perfect end to the perfect week.   We had a special reservation where Sporting Days Farm was so kind to open their gates to just our riders for the day, and off we went to play!

Today was just great…  We made up courses and spent the morning riding various courses over their great XC course.   I was so proud of the novice and training horses (Teddy, Molson, Ex, Trevor) for schooling the training log into the water, all on first asking.   They were great and it was such a confidence building moment for them!   We picked and chose the harder fences for Trevor and kept it to just a few for him…  As usual, he and Holly were unstoppable, and they had a flawless day.   Jeri, Jenny, Andrea, and I schooled the novice and half the training fences, and smiles were abundant as each pair jumped better and better throughout the day.

Koda & Emily were fearless as usual, and had yet another super brave day.   Nancy branched out with Toby and was so brave by the end of the day that she was choosing all the banks, ditches, and an oxer!  Lourie and Max continue to make everything look like a hunter course, and are the picture of rhythm and confidence.   Nikki rode her young horse Simon, and he was terrific through the day, having his first school with water that should serve him well throughout his career. Kelly/Miko and Meghan/Miles are absolutely unrecognizable from home, and are schooling all the BN  so confidently…. Kelly and Meghan are riding with a new level of determination that is absolutely inspiring.

It was so good to feel the sun on our shoulders and the wind in our hair today….  The ponies were all great, and the folks at Sporting Days were so kind to allow us to visit.   We managed to school in the lovely early morning temperatures, to allow the horses to be bathed, poulticed, and put away long before the temps soared to 88 degrees today.  Then off to a sidewalk cafe for a light lunch, and shopping and exploring Aiken before one last group dinner tonight.

Big thanks to Sloane, Ashlea, Adan, Howard, & Quin for running the farm while we’re away!   We miss you all!



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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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