Aiken Update from Friday

HOW is it Friday already?????????    This trip has flown by!  We are having so much fun.

We spent the morning watching the USET training sessions.  All the clients enjoyed sipping coffee ringside and basking in the sunshine, while Kim Severson and Phillip Dutton each rode 3 horses with Captain Phillips.  Talk about a great way to spend a morning!  And we all have the sunburns to prove it…

Next up, we loaded 11 horses and took them to XC school at Full Gallop Farm.   They have such an amazing facility there, and the owner is absolutely terrific.  We stuck to schooling more technical questions—not a lot of need for tables, etc, as we’re doing courses this weekend….. But took full advantage of the banks, ditches, and 2 waters, and stuck with those themes.  Everyone was terrific!   Special recognition to Holly and Nikki for conquering the pirate ship on the mound easily.   Nikki also schooled the preliminary water in the upper water and the massive table to ski-jump-drop down the hill, easily succeeding at both on first asking.   I’m so happy for Nikki–she’s worked so hard to transform her horse from a green, challenging youngster to solidly jumping preliminary fences without batting an eye…. Hard work pays off!

Tonight’s group dinner was at Maria’s Mexican Restaurant.  We enjoyed margaritas and fajitas and terrific company.   The best part of today:  We were discussing the training sessions, and I polled the group to see which horse at the training session they would most like to ride, in a dream world.   Nikki’s response was: “I would most like to ride my own horse, because he was such a dream today!!!”

That, hands down, made my day.


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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