Wednesday from Aiken: XC @ Jumping Branch

Greetings from Aiken!

First off, let me say that I’m excited to report that each and every one of our students down here has a sunburn!  It was downright hot today….  WOW!   That’s sure a change from our coldest winter in 40 years in KY!

We spent Wednesday XC schooling at Jumping Branch Farm.  Everyone was FANTASTIC!!!   There were some incredible fences to school… I especially appreciated the coffin for every level from BN to P, so there was something for everyone!   Everyone got into the game, and everyone had the opportunity to school a coffin and banks into the water, at all levels!  Everyone was so terrific…. I really think we’ll be bringing back MUCH improved horses and riders to KY.  I’m SO proud of everyone!   Most memorable moments from the day….  Holly & Nikki effortlessly and beautifully jumping the tiger trap to drop into water to the skinny, which is the Prelim route.   Andrea and Jeri effortlessly jumping their horses’ first trakehners.   Nancy schooling her first coffin.  Jenny jumping the ski jump down the side of the racetrack.  Lourie, Meghan, Kelly, & Emily jumping through the training level drop into water & bank out, all on first asking and easily.   It’s all on video—to be posted soon!

I think the funniest moment in the day was when I blew up in my air vest for the first time.   No, my young horse didn’t dump me… He was SO GOOD and jumped some great fences, and I am so excited about his development.  Ex will be something really special!   I managed to blow up in my vest when I dismounted from my horse at the end of the day, and forgot to unclip the air vest!   I hit the ground  with a **POP** and pretty much the least athletic moment ever…  TOO FUNNY!     I love that the first time I blew up in my vest was dismounting!   LOL

The group completed the evening with dinner at Aiken Brewery, which was terrific.

Off to watch the training sessions tomorrow!!!  Megan M

(Photos: Schooling the Training/Prelim drop off the racetrack at Jumping Branch Farm.   Top: Jenny & Molson, left: Holly & Trevor, right: Nikki & Oliver)


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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  1. hfmoore says:

    It’s officially summer. There’s a fly in the apartment, and the cats are going nuts chasing it!

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