Aiken Update from Guest Blogger Meghan T

So here’s the first of a couple of guest bloggers here to report for you on the Aiken trip!  My goal was to keep the clients at home in-the-loop and included in the trip, and some of the clients here want to share their memories from the week.  Meghan Towle is down here with her superstar pinto Miles and was the first brave soul  to write an update for you!


From Meghan T:
Greetings from Aiken! I wish all of you back home could be with us,
but I’m going to sum up most days for you.  Eat breakfast with friends
(if you are me, sometimes eat more than once), ride your horse with
friends, eat dinner with friends, sleep, repeat.  Could you really ask
for a much better spring break?  We went to a Chinese restaurant early
on in the week and my fortune cookie said “No obstacles will stand in
your way this week.”  I’m keeping that mantra going and have decided
that not a single jumping obstacle will cause me trouble this week.
The cookies said so. Don’t argue with the cookie.

I have been SO proud of Miles this trip.  He’s always been a really
adaptable guy, but he handled being trailered and then stalled for a
few days incredibly well.  It was (to my knowledge) the first time
he’s been stalled for any extended period of time. Luckily we now have
turn out so all of the horses have made new friends and are getting
out as much as possible.   The weather has been absolutely beautiful.
Our first major outing was to Hitchcock woods which was a total blast.
Miles was so brave to all of the steeplechase and foxhunting jumps.
It was his first time doing any crosscounty jumping in a while and he
was pretty excited, and when Miles gets excited, Miles gets BRAVE.

Our next pretty major milestone was our stadium jumping day.  Megan
had us treat it like a horse trial, so the horses warmed up in a
different ring and didn’t get to see any of the jumps before hand.
Our first round was pretty solid, Miles was confident everywhere
including at the scary (well, to me anyway) brick wall.  Then on round
two the height went up a little, and I had absolutely the best ride of
my life.  I don’t know that I’ve ever had that much fun.  We had a
great rhythm and just rocked and rolled through the whole course.  It
turns out Miles really has just wanted to jump bigger this whole time.
Who knew?   Round three- the height went up a little in a few places,
and a few jumps changed a little.  Once again, Miles and I had a great
ride.   This was great for me because suddenly it changed from Miles
being the brave one in our partnership to ME being just as brave as he
is.  I’m not sure I ever thought that day would come.

Cross country day at jumping branch was a ton of fun and Miles was
wonderful the whole day.  The biggest accomplishment of the day for me
was jumping a rolltop.  All of you at home (except for Quin) don’t
know this, but I am stupidly terrified of round jumps, specifically
rolltops.  I purposely have always avoided the (very tiny) rolltop at
home, but in the spirit of living life and facing fears (no matter how
unjustified and weird those fears might be) I with great purpose
jumped the pretty green rolltop in the cross country warm up field.
Everything after that was a piece of cake.

This morning we watched the training sessions with Captain Phillips at
Three Run Plantation.  Most of the lessons were dressage lessons, and
I realized that dressage basics cause basic problems no matter what
level.  It was great to watch because I think everyone was able to
take something away from those sessions and apply it to their own
riding and their own dressage conflicts.  In my dressage lesson this
afternoon Megan said that Miles was the most consistently round as she
has ever seen him.  A little inspiration goes a long way, eh?

Miles has decided that he is just in love with Trevor and wants to be
just like him when he grows up.  I can’t think of a better role model
for a young event horse to have.

Miss you all! See you soon!
Meghan T


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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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One Response to Aiken Update from Guest Blogger Meghan T

  1. hfmoore says:

    Great post, Meghan!! Isn’t it AWESOME when a rider/horse pair BOTH have confidence in each other? You two are a perfect match.

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