Tuesday from Aiken… And a little trip to Cuba?


Tuesday was a terrific one.  We were scheduled for XC schooling today, but thunderstorms in the forecast dictated the editing of the schedule.  Instead, we stayed at PSJ to school the show jumping course there.  It was an amazing day, especially since we managed to hit the 20% of the forecast and not get rained on all day!

We started off schooling in groups by level….  Everyone was terrific, and I think had some great moments today.  We had a great time!

We wrapped up the evening with my plan to take everyone to Rio Blanco for dinner tonight. Rio Blanco is a great Cuban restaurant in Aiken…  I for one had never had Cuban food!  While we had an amazing time, the highlight of the night was that we accidently stumbled upon the once-a-month Poetry Night there….    Out of the blue, Holly decided to jump up and create a poem in front of the whole crowd!  It was terrific, and I’ll easily say she was the best of all the poets.   Nikki was terrific and brave and stepped up to the plate as well!   It definitely made the evening, and left the whole store hooting and cheering for the girls!

Off to XC school tomorrow since the forecast is better….  I think the SJ today really helped us prepare for XC, and can’t wait to take all the ladies to some of my favorite locations this week…

And for a little rumor, our wonderful friends at home may be getting an update on the blog from some guest writers this week!



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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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