The Great Migration

I can’t believe it’s here!   We’ve stayed in KY this winter to keep training our clients and keep training the dozens of horses the working students and I ride every day….   But this week is the week of our annual Team CEO Aiken Excursion!!!
We’ll be leaving bright and early tomorrow (to coincide with the university’s spring break) to travel to Aiken SC for 10 days of sun and sand.  What makes this trip so special is that we keep it to a time period where we can take our clients with us…  Adults with real jobs   =)    get to go down and play in Aiken!

I’m so excited for our trip this year… We’re caravaning with 5 trailers, 11 riders, 13 horses.    ( And Andrea and Jenny are still arguing whether Jenny is going to add 1 bunny to that list, but we’ll see…)

We’ll be sure to have daily blog updates for our journeys.  For the clients at home, we’re leaving an AMAZING crew to run the farm at home, including the barn manager and an interim farm manager.    Heck, the three folks staying at home to run the farm have a total of 5 college degrees between them I believe, so everything will be in AMAZING hands!

Special thanks to Ashlea and Sloane for trotting my upper level horses while I’m gone, and to the great crew at the barn for taking care of things.   This looks to be an amazing week—mark your calendars for next year!!!

(The photo is of the cover of the Aiken Excursion Guides the girls and I made for all the clients.)


About widespreadpanic

Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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