Megan’s Recap of 2010

It is now January, and time to recap the year of 2010… 2010 has been an amazing year of highs and lows for me…. I feel that I have learned SO much, and have become so grateful for the amazing people in my life.


I began the year by getting a divorce from my husband.  What an incredibly sad way to start the year!  Though I was saddened beyond words, my amazing friends and horses were all there for me every step of the way.    I skipped a trip to Aiken that winter to get that problem in order, and began the competition season in April.


Yet with personal challenges, the horses made my professional life such a gift.   My goals for this year were clear….  I wanted to LEARN everything I could get my hands on this year.   I think that, no matter what profession you are in, you should NEVER stop learning!   I tried to surround myself with as many incredible people as possible, and try to soak in everything I could from them.


The competition year started off with a win for Grasshopper at Spring Bay.   At our second competition of the year, Grasshopper yet again came though for me and won Greater Dayton HT.   At our third competition, Widespread Panic stepped up to the plate and won a big and very competitive division at MayDaze HT.   At our fourth, ASAP finished on his incredible dressage score of 26.7 to win the BN division at Queeny Park.   The following weekend, Grasshopper and I picked up jump penalties at a mound into the water at Intermediate at Lost Hounds, but it was a learning curve for a question that was new for him.   Though he didn’t ribbon at that event, he was amazing at every single other fence, and learned SO much from the experience.


Next out, our 5yo ASAP placed 3rd in a lovely division in his novice debut.  Then in August, Widespread Panic ran the Intermediate at River Glen, filled with great advanced pairs, and finished 3rd, just behind a pair that ran successfully at WEG.   At Flying Cross, our 5yo Color Treatment finished 4th in the Open Training.  At Richland Park, Widespread Panic finished 4th and Grasshopper 8th in a highly competitive Intermediate filled with advanced pairs, both with double clean XC.


In September, Color Treatment came 2nd in the Open Training at Dunnabeck.  We traveled to Wisconsin where Widespread Panic came 2nd in the Intermediate at Otter Creek, less than a half point off the win.  We completed the season in October, where both Widespread Panic and The Grasshopper jumped clean XC at the Fair Hill CCI**.


We had four foals this year, and were blessed to have all be healthy and happy!   Three were by our sire Nightfall, and one is by Catherston Dazzler.    One is a 1/2 sibling to an advanced horse, and two have advanced horses for grandparents, and another has a grandparent and uncle advanced horse.   We’re so excited for these guys to grow up!


Overall, it was so exciting to have Widespread Panic finish 3rd and Grasshopper 4th in the nation in Intermediate and Preliminary in the PHR, respectively.  Both WON the regional year end award for the PHR for their level!    And I was so honored to be awarded the Sportsmanship Award at Fair Hill by the ground jury.


Then in late October, I popped off a young horse in a minor moment, but the horse accidentally stepped on my hand and my head.  I am so thankful that I have always been a stickler for wearing helmets, and ride in them each and every day.   I managed to walk away from that accident somehow, and I know I have my Charles Owen to thank.   I had a concussion and lost memory for the weekend and some memories for the next week, but I know I would have been much worse off without it.     Unluckily, my broken finger was badly broken, and required surgery to screw it all back together.  The surgery seems to have gone well, and I have been in physical therapy since then, working hard to regain movement.     Darn that gravity!    Though I do know that you can’t keep an event rider down, and as soon as my head was better I resumed my riding list every day, sometimes riding one-handed with the other hand wrapped.   I have been riding since November, yet am officially cleared to ride this week….  Just don’t tell the doctor!   You can’t keep a rider off a horse…  =)


On a personal level divorce and surgery was incredibly challenging, but my horses were all amazing…   My dressage coach, Reese Stanfield, has been incredibly helpful this year, and I am so proud of what my horses have accomplished with her help!   My goal is also to earn my USDF bronze medal on my two TB event horses.  In just two shows, we are 2/3 of the way to our goal!  I’m looking forward to another dressage show this spring!


This year has been incredible  weather-wise…  We had one of our biggest droughts ever this summer, followed by the 3rd coldest december EVER in Lexington, with the 5th most snow EVER.   We had our 8th white winter EVER, our first in 11 years.    Though I have lived in the south my whole life, I am starting to get used to snow, snow, snow!   I’m really proud of us though, because we’ve managed to keep the footing in our outdoor ring going all winter long, despite the record low temperatures and record snows.   With the temps 20 degrees below normal, we’re learning to deal with it!!   (Though we did get a couple of days in January that were good enough to XC school, so that lifted the spirits!!!)


For 2010, I had the incredibly opportunity to run XC in competition 30 times…. I am so proud of the horses…. Despite half or more of them being 4-5 years old, and many of the competitions being at the upper levels, my horses only had a stop in 1 of 30 XC runs!    That’s 29/30 clean rounds, or 96.7% clean!     22 of 30 rounds were double clean (making time), and the remainder we were taking good care of our horses in the footing, or for training purposes.  20 of 28 horse trial (non FEI) starts had dressage scores in the 20’s or 30’s for 71.4%.   And those numbers only include sanctioned HT’s!   All were on horses that we started and brought along from the beginning, and none were on warmbloods.


For 2011, I continue with my goal of learning, learning, learning.   I have been taking on many extra learning outings, and trying to absorb all I can.  I am so excited about the new year with the amazing students and clients we have!   I am not sure what the goal for Hopper and Nemo will be this year, but I know they are going better than ever and I can hardly wait!    So that’s what we were up to in 2010.  Time to

start the season again…   Hope to see you out there….



About widespreadpanic

Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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5 Responses to Megan’s Recap of 2010

  1. dexter says:

    Congrats on your amazing successes this year!!! It has been so fun to follow along and see your horses improve and accomplish great things.

    I cannot WAIT for warmer weather and the start of show season… c’mon, March! 🙂 I keep telling myself this is the time to tune up our dressage and be patient…

  2. hfmoore says:

    I am incredibly proud of you. Not just for your accomplishments (not to shortchange them, they’re astounding – you’re easily the best I’ve ever seen with young horses), but for the way you’ve handled problems as well as successes. Even when you’re dealing with business and personal issues, your kind, supportive persona and caring behavior are quite unique. I’m reminded of your gifts every time I see the ring filled with kids enjoying their friends and horses while emulating their hero, every time I see you giving confidence and skill to a timid amateur rider.

  3. swedishmegh says:

    Those are some crazy awesome stats! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments.

  4. askaggs says:

    Congratulations on your successes, and on dealing with life’s challenges. You are an amazing person, in so many ways. Howard has much to justify his pride! I remember when I first learned your age and was floored to find that I have a child older. So here I am at about twice your age and just now beginning to write down details of our activities out here at my farm. Hoping to piece together some of the history, I’m wishing I had your foresight back when I was your age. Someday you will be really glad for the great record you have started of your life and career. Be sure to back it up!
    Here’s to your ongoing growth and success in 2011!

  5. nikandol says:

    I think that the mark of an excellent horseperson and trainer is not only what they themselves can accomplish, but what accomplishments they can evoke in their students and those around them. Megan inspires us all to strive to learn and develop to be the very best we can. When we doubt ourselves, question our abilities, get discouraged, Megan is there with her trademark pep talk and galvanizing encouragement. She herself is an amazing, successful talent, but she also cultivates those qualities in the equestrians she touches. I myself am a quintessential example of Megan’s aptitude as I came to her with a horse I could not even ride and in three short years she has brought us from a chaotic mess to winning training, ready for prelim. I know that her other students have similar stories and we are all eternally grateful to have found her.

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