Lakeside Arena Hunter/Jumper Show

What a busy weekend!  On Friday, we took young horses out to school at Lakeside. On Saturday, I was out of town teaching a clinic.  On Sunday, we went back to Lakeside with a different group of 7 horses to show at the Hunter Jumper Show.  Busy busy!

I’m busily uploading videos and photos of all the great rides from the weekend… Till then, the recap!

WS Jenny took her new project pony, Pesto.  Pesto has only really been jumping for two weeks, but she’s quite a savant!  She cleaned up in the jumper ring, WINNING the first set of 2′ jumpers.  She would have won the second set, but Jenny got a little lost in the jump off, yet still finished 3rd!  They were the Champion for the 2′ jumpers!   Pesto looked like an old pro…

WS Andrea schooled our young event horse Jerry in his first off-the-farm show.   Jerry was 2nd and 6th in the 2′ Jumpers, a terrific result for his first show!   He didn’t have a single rail all day!   Then they pair WON the Gambler’s Choice!!!

Holly C rode Dexter in the hunters and jumpers…   They finished 3rd in the Hopeful Jumpers, with ALL clean rounds all day long!   They were terrific and produced beautiful round after beautiful round!  They had plenty of other success all day long… I’m afraid I don’t remember the colors of their other ribbons, but they were terrific!

Holly’s husband Phil also competed Dexter this weekend in his first competition at 2′.   They placed 4th twice in the 2′ jumpers!  They did a great job, and I think Phil is hooked!

Annette rode her mare DD this weekend… They were 5th, 7th, and 9th in the Beginner Rider 2′ Hunter Classes, in good company and big classes.  They too produced all clear rounds, and were absolutely beautiful! 

Julieanne also competed DD in the Short Stirrup hunters, winning at least one pink ribbon.  They were great and also produced all clear rounds. 

Meghan Towle rode her Miles in his first show off the farm…. They were excellent, and finished 6th in the Beginner Horse division.

Andrea also rode our pony Casey in the Beginning Rider division…  They were 4th, 5th, and 6th in the hunters in BIG classes of riders… Well done! 

Zack rode Mighty Mouse in the Long Stirrup hunters… They had beautiful clean rounds, all in the ribbons.   Zack was an absolute star since he was catch riding Mighty Mouse for the very first time! 

Alana rode Mighty Mouse in the Children’s Pony Hunter division.   Despite being in the last class of the day, they drew a crowd and BIG cheers from everyone!   Alana’s tiny size over those big jumps really impressed everyone, and she was the hit of the show.  Good job!

In esscense, everyone was amazing!  It was a tiring day for the WS and I as we left the farm at 5:30am and returned at around 7pm… But it was well worth it to get SO MANY new horses and riders out to their first outing!  I can’t wait to see them all hit the horse trials in the spring!

Congrats to all!   Photos aren’t really a possibility in the indoor at Lakeside because of the lighting, but I’m posting videos as we speak…

(PHOTOS ABOVE of Meghan on Miles, and Zack on Casey, both taken in schooling at home this week.  Thanks to Howard for the photos!)


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3 Responses to Lakeside Arena Hunter/Jumper Show

  1. dexter says:

    What a fun day! I have videos of Miles, Jerry and Dexter on my YouTube channel – just click “see all” under Uploads:

  2. hfmoore says:

    What an awesome day, and how wonderful to spend it with friends and horses – Lakeside is a great asset.

    I think Megan’s right, Holly – Phil is hooked!!

    And only Megan would get 5 horses on a 4-horse trailer. Now, maybe Penne could fit in the back seat of the truck ………

  3. swedishmegh says:

    Thanks for all of the support and help! I had a great time!

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