Team Challenge Begins!!!

My favorite event of the year has arrived…. Time for Team Challenge!   We’re back at the Kentucky Horse Park for the first time since the WEG, and at an event run by one of the best organizing committees in the business!!!   Anytime Mary Fike and Debbie Hinkle team up, it’s sure to be a great event and a fantastic weekend!     You have great organizers, great officials, and a great venue…. What more could any eventer want???

Today we had the first jog for the Training 3 Day horses (hereafter referred to as T3D).    Nikki Burgio on Master Oliver, Ali Zeitlin on Spring Loaded, and Megan Moore on Color Treatment are all contesting the T3D.    We had a great time today hacking roads and tracks, and just spending time with our horses and our fellow riders…  All three horses passed the jog on first attempt, and look full of running for the weekend.   The XC course looks big and tough, but fair and FUN AS CAN BE, and I’m more excited that I can communicate.   Especially since my little paint horse is one of the most fun I’ve ever ridden on XC, it’s sure to be a blast!   The course is good and challenging, which a 3day should be!

I really enjoyed using the tips that Catherine Fruth was wonderful to share with us during her fascinating talk she gave at the Fair Hill Fundraiser clinic… She showed us how to really get those white horses white, and I had a blast trying it.  Thanks to Catherine’s brilliant technique, Boscoe may have been whiter than ever before!    And right before the jog, as we were waiting for our turn and I was coaching my students in how to jog their horses, Boscoe caught me off guard and laid down for a good roll in the green grass…. When he was about to jog in 5 minutes!!!    What a stinker…. He loves to be dirty!    He only got his knees green, but boy were the green!  The great thing about eventing is that you can always count on your fellow competitors, and another rider was kind enough to loan me some whitening aid to fix the green in a hurry so I could go present!!!!!!!    =)

Dressage is tomorrow!  More updates soon!

Here’s a photo of everyone at the jog:  From left to right:  Oliver, Nikki, Ali, Alex, Boscoe, Megan.    Does the color of the grass at the Kentucky Horse Park tell you how bad the drought is?



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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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6 Responses to Team Challenge Begins!!!

  1. hfmoore says:

    One of the strongest teams we’ve ever fielded – you guys will ROCK!!!

  2. bevyc says:

    Somehow ALL horses with even a tiny bit of white know the roll-in-green trick!! just be glad it wasn’t green manure!!

  3. hfmoore says:

    Wow, what an impressive weekend. I won’t list them here individuall (it’s a TEAM sport, remember!), but I can see many, many firsts and best finishes in the group. I hope that each of you are very, very proud of what you accomplished!!

    I will, however, call out the IRISH INVASION for special recognition and rising to the occasion. Congratulations, ladies, you were simply AWESOME!!

  4. equestriquin says:

    I had THE BEST TIME ever. Everyone was so supportive and great–it was wonderful. Same time next year, all?

  5. murphysgreytrooper says:

    Thanks Howard! Me too Quin – and YES…Team CEO Irish Invasion 2011!!! Novice ladies??? Vie was a doll all weekend, thanks Megan!

  6. jpappy says:

    I’m so happy for everyone!!!!

    I was so disappointed that I didn’t get into Team Challenge. Megan is so good about entering events on the open date so as not to get closed out. I wasn’t so clever ):

    But I can’t wait to see everyone next year at May Daze for sure! As always, I’m so proud of everyone!!!

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