Fair Hill…. XC & SJ Updates

Nemo and Hopper were TERRIFIC today on XC!  Both galloped home clean…. Hopper with just 5 time, Nemo with just 10.   They sit in 15th and 18th respectively right now, out of 60 of the nation’s best two star horses.   I’m very proud of them… They are so good!   They were wonderful on course, and I had a blast!  Photos on snapfish…. Must go to bed now, early jog in the morning!



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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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8 Responses to Fair Hill…. XC & SJ Updates

  1. My WONDERFUL sister posted some videos of Nemo & Hopper today!!! Here they are!

    Hopper 1, 2, and 3

    Nemo 1, 2

  2. dexter says:

    You guys look like a million bucks in those videos!!! We are all so proud of you!! Rock on 🙂

  3. Nemo has a slightly bruised heel that showed up this am. I withdrew him, but no worries as he is fine. Hopper passed jog and is on to sj. More later! via cell phone

  4. Hopper was amazing in sj, and had only one rail and made time. Finished 18th in national two star championships! plus i was honored with the sportsmanship award by the ground jury. A big honor! more on that later. Now we’re broken down on the side of the interstate in wv. It’s 2.30am! here’s hoping we make it home! what a crazy week lol

  5. marianz says:

    Congratulations Megan!! It’s great to see your hard work and dedication rewarded with such a strong finish in a huge field of top competitors, plus an award to ice the cake. You go girl!!!!

  6. Arrived home at 8am Monday, 17 hours after leaving Fair Hill!!! It’s great to have a wonderful team of friends/clients in place…. Howard came to rescue us from one direction, and Quin was amazing and drove the farm truck 3 hours at 2am to come rescue us from Lexington! The dually is still in WV, but thank goodness the horses are home and enjoying some nice turnout! What a trip!

    I did amuse myself for SEVERAL hours on the way home by re-living my XC rounds…. They boys were so good! Hopper was amazing!

    Here’s a video from Howard…

  7. bevyc says:

    Congratulations Megan!! It was great to get to watch you in person. I think your truck problems were part of your sportsmanship award 🙂

    Deja vu– that picture of you and Hopper at the end of the Fair Hill Sunday album looks to me EXACTLY like the picture of you and Mighty Mouse after you won the Bluegrass State Games!!!

  8. sweetadelaide says:

    They look so good!! Congrats!!! and glad you got home safely even if it took a bit longer than expected!!

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