Off to Fairhill!!!

(Today’s photo… Grasshopper at the 2009 Fair Hill, shown here clearing the Two Star mushrooms.)

Tomorrow, we head off to Fair Hill International, at the terrific time of 2:00 am!

The Fair Hill Fundraising Clinic was great this weekend…   30 riders came to join us on our quest!!!  Furthest distance travelled defnitely goes to Kat Kowalski, who drove up from Georgia for the weekend!  Kat was our WS this summer and it was great to see her again.   To all the riders who came this weekend…  Thank you SO MUCH to each and every one of you for supporting us on our journey… This will be a team effort!    I was really impressed with everyone, and really enjoyed spending time with all who came.    Special thanks to Jackie Stobbs and Catherine Fruth…  They graciously volunteered their time on Saturday and Sunday (respectively) to give presentations to the group on Equine Massage and on grooming like the pros…   Both ladies were BRILLIANT, and had an absolutely captive audience…  We were all enthralled and begging for more!

Tomorrow I head off with my two wonderful working students, Jenny and Andrea, and my two favorite horses, Nemo and Hopper, for a terrific journey.    They’ve been great in all of their recent outings, Hopper collecting several wins this year and Nemo being 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in his last three outings.   You never know how a week will turn out with horses, but I know that I’m tremendously grateful for my amazing support crew and my two amazing horses.   I’ve had the privelege of riding Nemo & Hopper since they were babies who couldn’t even canter… What an amazing journey!

So this week, stay tuned for updates, keep your fingers crossed, and have a terrific week!

About widespreadpanic

Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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18 Responses to Off to Fairhill!!!

  1. bevyc says:

    YAYYY MEGAN!!! Good luck at Fairhill!!! I can’t wait to see you there!!! Bev

  2. dexter says:

    Have a safe trip, and keep us updated if you can! GO HOPPER AND NEMO!!!!

  3. hfmoore says:

    Text from Megan last evening “Arrived safely, checked in. Engine brake on truck did a masterful job keeping us out of a wreck on the Interstate – couldn’t have stopped otherwise.”

  4. sillykobie says:

    Good luck and have a great time!! Cheering for you in Bowling Green!!!

  5. Continuing to pray for SAFE, clean rounds and a safe return to Georgetown for my dear friend.

  6. bartendersspecial says:

    Hi all! We are having a beautiful day at Fair Hill today, about 68 degrees an sunny! They have a strange infestation of stink bugs on the grounds, so that makes for some interesting nights when we have to reclaim our sleeping bags from them! Megan, Andrea and I are having some lunch right now after a successful jog- both boys passed with flying colors! I will keep you all posted with further updates!

  7. We’re having a great time at Fair Hill…. The early part of the week is easy going and laid back, so we spent some time exploring Delaware on a mission to find Jenny an important part of her Team Challenge costume…. WAIT TILL YOU SEE IT!!!! Quiet day today…. Boys were great at the jog, and passed.

    Hopper goes Dressage at 11:27am Thursday, and Nemo goes dressage at 2:25 Friday. Fingers crossed!

  8. sweetadelaide says:

    GOOD LUCK!!!!! hopefully better weather this year!!!!

  9. unconsciousbets says:

    Go Megan and the big boys!! I wish I could be there! I think your next stop after fair hill should be the Galway Downs CCI***, first one on the west coast!
    Good luck, be safe, and Have fun!

  10. bevyc says:

    Great job on Hopper’s dressage test!! The scores are posted on my door and everyone in my department is a (willing or unwilling) spectator…. Good luck tomorrow on Nemo!!

  11. kmseverson says:

    Congrats on your dressage score with Hopper! Can’t wait to see how everything goes tomorrow!

  12. Greetings from Thursday!

    Hopper did dressage today in the freezing cold rain… It was about 50 degrees when he went in the morning, and with quite a bit of rain. (Water poured off my top hat as I saluted!) Overall, he was really good. He was severely frighted of an umbrella someone had in warmup, but he trusted me enough to comfort him through it and went back to work. In warmup he was great! He was good in the ring…. We didn’t nail our halts, which is unusual for Hopper. But he was great in the trot and canter. My hands were so cold and wet that they slipped on the reins once or twice… Must use different gloves tomorrow! The trot/canter I was quite happy with. There were five scores for the walk in this test—NOT Hopper’s strong suit! He was good in the extended walk, but jigged in the medium walks, so that will be four scores of about 4. UGH. However he scored a 61%, so must have had some 7’s/8’s to make up for that! His final score was a 60% and 61% for an FEI Eventing Score of 58.6. (Or a horse trial score of 39.5.)

    I was happy with him! Nemo goes at 2:25 tomorrow. Should be 60 and strong winds… That sounds fun for a fit horse in dressage! Fingers crossed!

    The XC looks big with lots to do out there…. There are FOUR waters on course! Lots to do….


  13. swedishmegh says:

    Rain at Fairhill AGAIN??? Bummer.
    I was looking at pictures of your cross country course today in class. Exciting!

  14. Ali Zeitlin says:

    Awesome job, Megan!!!! Have a good time on Fishy today! Can’t wait to hear how the rest of the weekend goes. Good luck!

  15. Dressage arena BLEW AWAY in the middle of nemo’s test today! The judges fortunately called a time out, and he was very good to wait while they reconstructed it. Here’s a pic on Eventing Nation of the scene…… More later….

  16. Nemo was great today….. 30mph wind gusts and 60 degrees meant all the horses were WILD! He was a big ball of tension in warmup, and I told Jenny that I was riding a “redheaded volcano”. But he settled when we went around the ring and knew his job…. His trot work was pretty good. It was definitely in the right direction! In the canter, he was being great till the arena stood up and blew away! Kudos to a really terrific dressage ground jury who rang the bell quite quickly and invited volunteers into the arena (about a dozen of them) to rebuild the ring while we stood there! Nemo was a great sport, and picked up where we left off and finished his test nicely. It was challenging to keep mentally focused once the test was interrupted, but we did and Nemo was a good boy. Scores of 61% and 65% for a 55.0 FEI scoring puts him in 21st after dressage…. A good stalking position, as scores are quite tight with the MANY super nice horses here! Good boy!

  17. Quick post via cell phone. Both boys clean and very good on xc. Nemo in 18th. Hopper in 15th.

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