Weekend Update

This weekend, Team CEO had an entire weekend off eventing to spectate at the World Equestrian Games!

I took the working students out each day to watch, and we were all inspired and excited to come home and train!  Of course, doing gallop sets at 8pm because we’d been at the WEG all day were a little funny, but it was well worth it!

It is so funny to live in Georgetown right now…. Our farm is only 2 miles from the World Equestrian Games.   I was in the grocery store last week, standing in line for my groceries between a Swedish team and a Danish team….  It was really incredible.  The world really has come to town!

One evening we were schooling the horses going to the three days this fall…. I was cantering around, nervously thinking about leaving for Fair Hill in a week…. Nervously second guessing myself, and worrying about things beyond my control…   When out of nowhere, a DOUBLE rainbow appeared, centered over the lower barn (where my horses lived).   It was beautiful, and lasted for the entire 60 minute ride…. When we were done, it simply vanished.   It was a beautiful moment, and (to be completely silly) makes me feel a little happier and a little more confident about leaving for Fair Hill next weekend…. It was inspiring.

Congratulations are in order to Joe Goodwin and Pongo.    Joe and his pony were the Pony of the Americas representative in the WEG Festival Parade of the Horse in Georgetown.    This 9yo kid rode with poise amongst huge crowds, and Pongo the Superpony was of course perfect.   The pair beat out every other combination at the parade to win Grand Champion!!!    Congrats to Joe & Pongo on a big win…. It was so touching to see that, while our teams were out vying for international medals, a young kid clung onto his winning ribbon as if it were more valuable than all the medals in the world…. It was touching.

Next weekend is our big Eventing Weekend Fundraiser to send Grasshopper and Widespread Panic to Fair Hill.  I believe they are the only representatives from KY that are going.   Then the following Monday it’s off to Maryland!

Have a great weekend!



About widespreadpanic

Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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  1. hfmoore says:

    Way to go, Joe, you rock!!

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