Dunnabeck HT

We made our first ever trip to Dunnabeck HT in Carbondale Illinois this weekend!  (Click on any photo to see large image)

Nikki stomped the dressage in the Open Training, winning the dressage on a 30.0.  She jumped a beautiful double clean show jumping round, one of only two all day!  Unfortunately she pulled him up halfway around the course as he wasn’t quite himself, but he is just fine and  this special pair will be out and about soon!

Boscoe (aka Color Treatment)  was in the Open Training this weekend.  Boscoe was good in dressage for a 35.0, which I was happy with, though it was not his best test… I wish I had suppled him more.  On XC, Boscoe was his typical self—an XC machine.  Many came to grief on the challenging XC on the side of very steep terrain, but Boscoe was terrific.  I missed a little at one fence, but he was a doll and helped me out.  Everywhere he was so good, and easily jumped double clear and all the straight ways.   He let me take some crazy tight turns—I love this horse!  He will definitely go down in history as one of my most fun XC horses of all time!    He was great in SJ, though I learned alot about riding him… His perky style is a bit unorthodox.    He was so good with his knees this weekend that I think he needs a belly guard!  He finished the weekend in 2nd place in the Open Training.

ASAP ran the Open Novice this weekend. Sheldon experienced a delay before his test as the ground jury debated an unrelated situation, and Sheldon was a bit lack-luster in his test…. It was a good test, but I felt like he could have been easily 7 or 8 points better, as it wasn’t his best effort.   Then his score came out…. 25.5!!!!!   He won the dressage in the division, out of 28 horses!  He had eleven 8’s, and collective marks of 8-8-7-8!!!  Good boy!   On XC, Sheldon had a big breakthrough, and was super light and balanced around the course.  He is always an honest jumper, but he was SO good on XC this weekend despite having to gallop up and down steep hills.  You have to understand that he grew up on a plain in Michigan, and he has NEVER seen a hill before in his life!   He was so good.   He finished the weekend in 3rd place in the division of 24 Open Novice horses!

I rode La Bien Vie in her first recognized HT this weekend…  BOY what a special horse she will be!!!!!!  I normally dislike mares, but she is the exception to every rule.   Her dressage was a bit green and lacking bend, but she was terrific in the bridle, and very relaxed and steady.   The bend cost her points, and she had a 40.0 in dressage, but the potential here is HUGE!  On XC, she was wondering what the heck we were doing, and when we were going to have a walk break?  And why all the hills?  But she was super good, and jumped double clean like a rock star.   She was a touch green in show jumping, but very honest, and just had a couple of light rubs.  She finished just out of the ribbons, but most importantly this fancy 4yo showed me that she is gorgeous WITH great brains and WITH a ton of talent!  When do you find that sort of combo?  I LOVED riding her…. I am super attached now, and am planning all sorts of things for her future… What a special gal.  Even better, the organizer offered schooling afterward, so I had the opportunity to jump the SJ course a second time for her education, and she was perfect!  She packed me around and was tremendous!

My new working student Jenny had been here for 2 weeks now, and did her first horse trial this weekend at Beginner Novice with her horse Molson.  The Open Beginner Novice was HUGE, with 28 horses in the division and the ammy’s riding against the pros.   It was her first USEA horse trial!   They had a brilliant dressage test for 31.0.   Then a great XC round, double clean and making it all look great!   Their SJ round was gorgeous, though they had the world’s cheapest rail at an oxer at fence 6.  They finished their first HT on 35.0 in 4th place of 28, and Jenny beat all the pros!!!  She qualifies for the Area 8 championships and the AEC’s for next year, all in her first outing!  Good job girl!

Special thanks to Jenny, Howard, and Andrea for all of their great help this weekend!    Andrea is a new working student from Minnesota who has only been here for a week, but she already fits right in and we’re thrilled to have both Andrea and Jenny.  Andrea is an ex-gymnast, and entertained us Saturday night while taking bucket showers by doing a HEAD STAND in a 5 gallon bucket of water to wash her hair…. I have NO idea how that’s even possible, but I had to take a picture for proof!  (TOP PHOTO) Enjoy!



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3 Responses to Dunnabeck HT

  1. askaggs says:

    How funny! Did you know I grew up in Carbondale, and many, MANY years ago kept my horses at Le Cheval du Boskydell and took lessons from Mark O’donoghue…long before Jill began to teach (she got busy having babies shortly after moving to Carbondale from Menomonie, WI) There was no Dunnabeck in those days, and the only PC was run by a crafty old German who used the PC kids for cheap labor to clean stalls and tack, so it was a blessing to the area when Jill’s kids got big enough to draw her into PC. One of these days I have to go back and see how things have changed.

  2. Ali Zeitlin says:

    I told you Vie was addicting!!!!!! Congrats to everyone!!! Wish I could’ve joined in on the fun.

  3. bevyc says:

    Congratulations to all! I am such a Sheldon fan. And the photo of Vie is gorgeous! I LOL’ed on your description of what she was thinking during XC.

    Maybe I’ll try the headstand trick sometime while camping. But someone I trust will have to hold my feet. 🙂 could be interesting.


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