Flying Cross HT and Area 8 Championships

Congratulations to the Team CEO riders this weekend at Flying Cross HT!!!  (Click on any photo for the larger version.)

The area championships… Congratulations to Ali and Nikki! The Area 8 Training Championships was a HUGE division, packed with the most extraordinarily nice horses you’ve ever seen in one division….  The competition was primarily professionals, and the courses were VERY challenging.   (In the professional division of Training, not a single horse show jumped with less than 1 rail.)       A HUGE congratulations to our own Alison Zeitlin riding Spring Loaded.  She had a stellar dressage test for 35, just one rail in a great SJ round.  Best of all, she had perhaps the best XC round of her life, riding a beautiful double clean round.   Ali is a junior rider riding her own thoroughbred, yet she finished 5th in the division for the Area 8 Championships!

A HUGE congratulations to our own Nikki Burgio riding Master Oliver… She had brilliant moments in her dressage and has consistently won this spring… Unfortunately torrential rain in the morning which delayed the start of Saturday’s competition by 2.5 hours left big Oliver-eating puddles in the arena, so Nikki’s beautiful test was interrupted by a couple of spooks at puddles….  She handed it really well, and rode him right through the silly moments…. They still managed to pull off a 40.0, disappointing compared to their consistently top form in the dressage, but still a decent score, and a show of impressive riding on Nikki’s part!   Nikki rode brillliantly in SJ for just one rail and had a stellar, blazing XC round to finish the Area 8 Training Championsips in 7th place.   Their XC round was absolutely beautiful, and they made light work of a very challenging course!  Congratulations girls!

Boscoe and his start box adventures… I rode Color Treatment in the training this weekend.    I was so THRILLED with his dressage test…. At just 5yo, he was very mature and dependable, and very consistent.    Of course he’ll keep gaining strength for his young age, but his behavior, focus, and rideability was terrific, and I was thrilled with the consistency of his test.    He scored a 35 in dressage.  The Sj was very influential, with not a single horse in OT jumping double clean.  The course was wonderful with all the right challenges.   Boscoe jumped really, really well—he’s quite enthusiastic about show jumping!    I rode too forward in the in and out at 7AB to get the striding, and he just touched the front rail of the B element for just 4 faults.    On cross country, I was elated to be getting ready to start Boscoe’s favorite phase…. We are just outstide the start box and he’s standing like a doll when the starter calls out the 30 seconds to start… And Boscoe decides he needs to pee!  Aaaack!   She’s counting down….  20 seconds and still peeing….  10 seconds and still peeing….   3…. 2…. 1…. Still peeing!   I amlaughing, and finally he manages to complete his tasks at about 5 seconds after she’s called “GO!”.    We FINALLY leave the box, and I already knew the time was tight, the course was 6:16 long for a LOT of galloping, and now we’re leaving the box late!   I took off and really galloped around the course…. Boscoe is one of the most dependable XC horses I’ve ever known, and I allow him to just gallop many of the tables right out of stride, like you would at Prelim.  He’s jumping great, and I’m just trying to ride the fences well and gallop as well as possible—if we can’t make the time, that’s just life, but I’m going to try my hardest!    Boscoe is a very efficient guy, though, and always gallops in balance without a lot of arguing or setting up needed, and is galloping around the course, making light work of the coffin at 4AB, drops, coffin at 9AB, mound complex, sunken road, etc… It is a nice challenging course, and he is eating it up!   I am galloping down the hill towards the water, the third to last fence, and check my watch….  Boscoe is an amazing little guy, because we are right on the mark to make the preliminary time!    I drop back to a canter, and he canters easily through the vertical to drop into water at the water complex, up the bank, and over the last fence, all at a bit of a canter since I’m a touch early.   What an amazing guy—-I doubt his speed since he’s a 15.2h paint cross, and yet he was easily on marks to make the prelim time, having just loped around the course and jumping everything brilliantly.  Double clean XC!   What a special guy!   He was terrific!   The division was a VERY good one, and the courses were nice and tough.  He finished the weekend in 4th place, and I was incredibly proud of him.  He’s already qualified for the Training Championships for 2011!  (Though with how well he ran this weekend, I’m hoping perhaps he’ll be running a different level by then!)

Sleep? Who needs sleep? This weekend was a super busy one for us…. Our beloved working students Emily, Kat, and Ali have all just returned to school, and the new ones arrive next week…. Meaning this weekend I was on my own to ride 3 horses, and coach 9….   Plus feeding and caring for all 45 at home, and shipping in to an event on Fri/Sat/Sun each day, with a 3 hour round trip each day…. Let’s just say I haven’t had much sleep!!

ASAP starring as “Mr. Reliable”: So I’ve already mentioned that rain and lightning on Saturday delayed the start of the morning by 2.5 hours, meaning that the carefully calculated schedule for the day went out the window.   🙂    At one point, I ended up needing to be in Dressage on my Novice horse simultaneously while being in Show Jumping on two Training horses… Gulp!   I lept onto my darling 5yo novice horse, ASAP, and trotted off the long way to dressage…..   When I arrived, they were catching up on ride times, and it was time to ride my test…. Gulp!   Not to mention that, but after riding lots of horses and coaching lots of students, I watched the rider in front of me finish her test and it was NOT the one I knew for the level.   I LOVE eventing, because I looked at another competitor and said, “Would you mind teaching me the novice test really quickly?”   ONLY in eventing would a competitor teach you your test and be honest about it!  I love our sport…. The stranger was incredibly kind, told me the test in about 30 seconds, and off I went trotting down the center line!  Another Gulp!  Fortunately Sheldon is super reliable in the dressage, but perhaps knowing the test or getting to warm up would be nice, too!    He was still very good and I was happy with his score of 30.5 considering the circumstances!  In show jumping, the course was riding quite difficultly, and this is only Sheldon’s second novice.    He was a good boy, having just one cheap rub at fence 2 that brought the rail down.   So just 4 faults for the SJ, and he tried really hard for me.   On Sunday, the schedules were again altered from the leftover rides from Saturday.  The management of the show did an AMAZING job of handling mother nature!   Still, the change in schedules made a bit of chaos for me that morning…. In the time I had allotted to walk my novice course, I had a couple of riders who needed me in their warmup.   So off I went to warm everyone up….  But that meant I ddin’t have the opportunity to walk the Novice course AT ALL…..   Fortunately one of my students was a darling and told me where to go, and I am pretty familiar with the farm.    And fortunately, ASAP is a wonderful XC horse.     So for the first time in my competitive career, I went out of the box not really knowing where I was going at all, LOL…. Now that will teach you to ride in a hurry!    ASAP was amazing, and jumped everywhere really really well.  It was a tough Novice course, and I was proud of him that he was great everywhere, through the coffin, trakehner table, helsinki, mound, sunken road, water, etc..  He had a great round… Thank you so much to Holly for her great driving directions!  🙂    He finished 6th in a great division, and his dressage score was just half a point off the lead, so I was very proud of my little boy for being so good when I didn’t have much time to devote to him this weekend!

Dexter rocks his first Novice! Holly C ran Dexter in his first Novice this weekend.   In dressage Dexter became a little social and lost a bit of focus, but Holly must have ridden REALLY well because she still managed to pull off a good score of 38 in dressage.  They jumped with just one rail in SJ.  The real brilliance came on XC when they clocked around the challenging Novice XC double clean with a beautiful, flowing round.  Congratulations to Holly for finishing in 8th place!

Hannah and Roofie clock around BN…    Hannah and Roofie had a great weekend….  38.5 in dressage.    They had a lovely SJ round to jump double clean.   On XC, they had a beautiful flowing round to jump double clean, finishing in 6th place in her division!  Congrats!

Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend! I can definitely say that, after three 3:00am mornings in a row, I am exhausted!  Plus coming home to feed and take care of all the horses at home, then ride Nemo and Hopper at night too….  A friend of mine texted me a question at 9pm on Saturday, and she caught me on a trot set in the dark on Nemo!  It was a BUSY weekend!   Thankfully we have the BEST clients in the world, and they are wonderful!   Some of my students were so darling to pitch in and help at times this weekend, and I really appreciate it…   Special thanks to Howard, Quin, Jeri, Sloane, Hannah, Hayden, and Holly!   Thanks to Quin for your amazing help back at the farm, Hayden and Jeri for your help at the event, and Holly for her stud and navigational skills!  🙂


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  1. murphysgreytrooper says:

    You guys ROCK! Good work out there ladies…very proud of you all!!

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