The Georgetown HT—Ride Times Posted!

Ride times are now posted for The Georgetown HT!   Click the link below for entry status, ride times, and stabling chart:

Also be sure to check out the message board for lots of information this week:

The countdown has begun!   Ring 1 will be the limestone dressage arena adjacent to the lower barn & driveway.   Ring 2 will be the sand arena that has traditionally held our show jumping fences, by the upper barn.   Show jumping will be in the paddock behind the upper barn in a grass field.   Show jumping for Novice & Training will include a bank.    The office will be in the Upper Barn, which is the 2nd barn you come to at the top of the hill.   Scores will be posted in that barn in the aisle to the left.    ALL parking for non-boarders will be in the paddock at the turn in the driveway, as it has been every other year.

Please leave your dogs at home, and give your fingers a break—no braiding! 🙂    Coats are waived, and polo shirts are absolutely acceptable.   We’re looking forward to a wonderful, fun day!!

Schedule for The Georgetown Horse Trials

Division Dressage Cross Country Show Jumping
Open Training 8:00-8:18am R1 10:00-10:13am 1:00-1:06pm
Open Novice 8:35-9:05am R1 10:16-10:36am 11:30-11:40am
Beginner Novice Horse 9:30-10:20am R1 12:00-12:22pm 1:30-1:50pm
Beginner Novice Rider 10:20-11:10am R1 12:22-12:40pm 1:50-2:10pm
Starter Horse 8:00-8:35am R2 10:45-11:00am 2:45-3:00pm
Starter Rider 8:35-9:05am R2 11:00-11:18pm 3:01-3:15pm
Leaps & Bounds Horse 11:40-12:15pm R1 1:00-1:29pm 3:45-4:00pm
Leaps & Bounds Rider 12:25-12:55pm R1 1:32-1:56pm 4:01-4:13pm

Cross Country Course for The Georgetown Horse Trials

# Training Novice BN Starter L&B
1 Serpent Serpent Serpent Serpent Log
2 3’3” Coop 2’6” Coop 2’6” Coop 18” Coop Log
3 Big Table M Ramp 2’6” Airy Coop Bill’s Logs Log
4 Train Complex:


Train Complex:

Coal Car

Train Complex:

Logging Car

Train Complex:

Train Tracks

5 Ditch & Wall Ditch Ditch or Rolltop? Ditch or Rolltop? Log
6 AB Chevron to Mound Mini Trakehner Steeplechase Cavaletti Log
7 AB Coffin AB Sunken Road Sunken Road Sunken Road Log
8 Trakehner Lg Hanging Log Sm Hanging Log Sm Hanging Log Log
9 AB Sunken Road Lg Stairs Sm Stairs Sm Stairs
10 Toothbrush Tiki Hut Whiskey Barrels Steeplechase
11 Tennis Court Down Bank Med. Cabin Sm. Cabin
12 Castle AB Whiskey Barrels
13 Log Drop Off the Cliff
14 Off the Cliff Lg Cabin
15 Lg Cabin

Looking forward to having everyone join us!   We are looking for volunteers, too!



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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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One Response to The Georgetown HT—Ride Times Posted!

  1. murphysgreytrooper says:

    The farm was looking good out there today ladies!! Cant wait!

    ps: Can I give Vie a quick hair cut Fri?

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