River Glen Weekend

We headed to New Market TN this weekend for the River Glen HT.   I know, smart right?  Driving SOUTH in the middle of August!   But it was a great weekend nonetheless…

Holly & Trevor set out to have a great weekend at Training, with the goal of picking up another qualifier for a T3D this fall.  They did a great job with that!   Trevor, a feisty ex-upper-level-campaigner, has more than a few ideas of his own, and can be quite a handful on the flat.   Holly did a great job with a solid test.   River Glen’s show jumping is always BIG at all levels, and this year was no disappointment.  They had a great show jumping round, with a terrific rhythm and canter.   Then off for XC on the side of the mountain…   The pair did a great job of riding every fence smoothly, and made the entire course look gorgeous.  Riding to the plan, they picked up a clean round with just a couple of seconds of time faults.   They finished 10th in Training with a great weekend!

Nikki and Oliver have been working VERY hard on their dressage, and this weekend’s division at River Glen was filled with extremely nice dressage horses.   I’m extremely proud to say that Nikki WON the dressage on a 28!!!!!   What a terrific accomplishment, especially on a OTTB!  They had a great show jumping round where Oliver was jumping the moon.   On XC, they had a beautiful round and jumped out of stride at all of their fences… Sadly, a pause at the down bank before stepping off was ruled as a stop, so they dropped from 1st to 9th.   Still a good finish, and a great weekend for this terrific pair….  They’ll be out and about to tackle Flying Cross next!

I took Grasshopper in the Open Intermediate this weekend.  The OI was a really impressive division of very good riders, and it was a great class of horses.   I was very happy with Hopper’s dressage, though I defnitely lost a couple of points here and there for a 42.  It was overall a good test, but with tough judging (which is great for learning) and a couple of moments to be improved, it was a bit higher on the scale than usual for him.  But I was happy with him!  We’ve been working super hard on his show jumping.   As we entered the ring as the first horse to go, he was jumping HUGE!!!   He had a beautiful round that I was VERY proud of….  He jumped round the whole course with a clean round, jumping great at every fence…. That is, until I made a mistake at the last fence, the triple, and managed to pop off onto my feet.  LOL…. Eventing is so humbling.   He was having the round of his life.   I stood there laughing at myself, and the SJ judge even told me that it was a shame because it had been a BEAUTIFUL round….   I gave my beloved horse a big pat, and walked on out…   I will definitely live and learn from my mistake, and i’m sorry to let Hopper down…. But he was being amazing, and I’m still proud of him.    And in all the years we’ve been eventing together, it is our only time to ever be eliminated, so I don’t plan on making a habit out of it. 🙂    Guess I owe everyone some cake, eh??? LOL.

Nemo was terrific all weekend.  His good test put him 5th after dressage with a 38, just 4 points off the lead.  (Though he jigged in the walk and that score of 2 on the extended walk with a x2 coefficient REALLY hurt our score!)   He earned five 8’s on the canter work, so I was REALLY happy with that!   Nemo was a little behind my leg in SJ warmup, and I definitely had some demons to kill having to walk back into the ring on him moments after popping off of Hopper (whom I’ve never, ever come off of before!)   I made sure to ride really forward, and he was a great boy!  He was distracted at a vertical towards warmup and pulled the rail while staring off into the distance, but other than that didn’t touch a single fence and had just a 4 fault round.   We went XC at 7:50am Sunday, and the weather was amazing.  This early in the fall season, my plan was to ride efficiently but never really go that fast….  He jumped easily around the Intermediate track, taking all the fast routes and jumping everything out of stride.   He is super handy on XC, so even without going very fast we still managed to clock the 2nd fastest time of the day with only 6 time faults!  He was terrific and finished3rd in a division of very nice horses and riders.

I love making friends with fellow eventers in warmup, and this weekend was no exception.  I met a really nice lady in the OI in warmup, and we enjoyed a great laugh about my involuntary dismount in show jumping.   (I may never live that down!   🙂      I was heartbroken to be held before the start of XC because she and her lovely horse had a nasty tumble on the XC, and both left in the ambulance.   My thoughts were with her on the whole drive home…   My thoughts and prayers are with her and her lovely horse, and I hope they both recover well.

On another note…. On the other side of Tennessee, Team CEO Eventing working student Emily Roepke was competing her horse Why the Long Face.  They were competing in BN at the TKEA Horse Trials (I think that’s the name?).  They had the lowest dressage score of the entire horse trial!!!   A clean show jumping round and a clean XC with just a couple of time meant they finished a terrific 2nd place!  Congratulations to Emily on her terrific finish!

Congrats to everyone this weekend!



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Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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2 Responses to River Glen Weekend

  1. hfmoore says:

    Hmmmmm, could this be a purple panty nomination?

  2. bevyc says:

    Yayy to everybody!! congrats nikki on the dressage score! who doesn’t pause at a down bank, seriously?? congrats to Holly, I am Trevor’s #2 fan (after you of course). and congrats Meg, sounds like a great day on both horses, everyone falls off and did you really land on your feet??

    I don’t even want to know about the panties…. lol….

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