Finally… A colt!!!

Kate did a wonderful job and gave birth to a bouncing baby boy at 11:46pm on Wednesday night….  Of course, it’s been many days without a full night sleep, so I was so happy to have been asleep for 1 hour when my cell phone rang…  Arrgh!  True to Kate, she was sneaky and wasn’t showing many signs this evening…. Then out popped baby!   True to the Ryan babies, the colt jumped right up and was already bucking me off at about 15 minutes old!  He is super percocious, and is going to be a little piggy…. Most foals take most of the first night to get truly good at nursing.   At 60 minutes old, this guy was pigging out, probably getting 2-3 times as much colostrum as he needed… He likes to EAT!

The colt is gorgeous, the same build that Ryan throws on every single foal.  The only difference is that this one has 3 half-stockings.  He also has a BIG star and a BIG snip…. Lots of bling!
Photos coming soon…. It’s 2am, so I might go nap for a minute!   This should make for an interesting morning at Pony Camp tomorrow!  Lots of coffee needed!

What name should we pick?  This guy’s full brother from 2009 was Nightlife.   Check him out LIVE in color on mare stare!  (Link on the front page of the website.)


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14 Responses to Finally… A colt!!!

  1. bevyc says:


    Night attack
    Night terror
    Night Up
    Wonderful Tonight
    Insomniac (I couldn’t sleep last night)

  2. swedishmegh says:

    I don’t remember who suggested it before on Sprite’s baby, but I still like Night Vision.

  3. bevyc says:

    erm, i’m pretty sure I recycled some other peoples’ ideas in my list above 😉

  4. bevyc says:

    Barn names in parentheses, where they occured to me.

    Night of the Living Dead (Zombie)
    Night Fading (Dawn – for a filly?)
    Twelfth Night (Viola, Sebastian, Malvolio, Fabian)
    Hindernight (Ramsay) – this is Scottish for ‘last night’ and used in a poem attributed to “ramsay’s gentle shepherd”
    Fuirnight (Furball) – also scottish. Furball i just like.
    Night Blooming (Jasmine)
    Nighthawk (Budgie)
    Night Hunter
    Night Season
    Night Prowler
    Night Parting
    Night Coming On

  5. murphysgreytrooper says:

    Night Sweats (can you tell im in my 40’s???)

    I like Furball – how cute!! Not sure that will evoke fear, however, in his future eventing competitors! Picture this… Rolex….2015…. and the winner is Megan Moore….on Furball?

    Well done on your 4 beautiful babies!

  6. hfmoore says:


  7. murphysgreytrooper says:

    Night Bling
    One Night Stand
    Night Fling

  8. agullett says:

    Think its very suiting-how about Night Patrol?

  9. His show name will be “Night and Day”!!!! (Since telling him apart in the field from all of the solid bays, he’ll look like the difference between night and day!) Now we need a barn name… Any suggestions?

  10. bevyc says:

    OK, how about “cole” since that is an old Cole Porter song.

    Or you could still go with Furball.

  11. hfmoore says:


  12. swedishmegh says:


  13. bevyc says:

    btw Meg, if that’s bling, you need more spots on your farm!!! 🙂

  14. hfmoore says:

    I wanna see pictures!!

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