Congratulations to Coral on the new baby!

Coral gave birth to a beautiful foal at 5:16am on June 9!    And you can guess what it is…. A bay filly!    I’m sensing a theme this year…

We’ve been doing all-night checks on each mare, every night… Emily managed to catch it on her watch at 5am, so the working students all got yet another ringside view of a foaling from start to finish.  The filly is by Catherston Dazzler, who stands in England.   She is out of Moonlight Memories, the dam of our advanced level event horse Widespread Panic.  We are sooooooooo excited about this filly!    And since Catherston Dazzler is deceased and Coral conceived by frozen semen (hooray for our miracle worker Dr Newton!) this will be one of the last Catherston Dazzler foals eve born in the USA.   We have BIG plans!!!

She is ABSOLUTELY HUGE!!!  She is bigger on day 1 than Fanta is at 2 weeks old, and Fanta is not small!

Now we need a name…. It needs to start with the word “Widespread”.    Her older siblings are Widespread Panic and Widespread Chaos.    Any suggestions?

About widespreadpanic

Advanced level event rider and instructor at Team CEO Eventing in Lexington KY.
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15 Responses to Congratulations to Coral on the new baby!

  1. Widespread Dazzler—to combine the sire/dam
    Widespread Storms—She was born in a thunderstorm

  2. LOL…. The girls are making fun of me…. This baby has the craziest long legs you’ve ever seen, and she’s so big she’s probably 11 to 12 hands at birth. I have only slept for 3 hours in the last two nights total, so my first suggestion was to call her “Legs” for a barn name…. But that would make her “Widespread Legs”…. Oh…..

    LOL. MUST go to bed!!!! 🙂

  3. swedishmegh says:

    Lol. Megan… You definitely need some ZZZs.

  4. swedishmegh says:

    I like Widespread Dazzler. Or in keeping with the panic/chaos theme:
    Widespread Mayhem
    Widespread Folly
    Widespread Havoc

  5. hfmoore says:

    Definitely Widespread Dazzler, but save Meghan’s names – those are GREAT!!

    Call her “Dizzy” in the barn.

  6. dexter says:

    HOORAYYYYYYYYYY!!!! No wonder she is so big, she had some extra time to grow on the inside there! 😉 Yowch, poor Coral!! Glad everyone is happy and healthy. LOVE Widespread Dazzler, very cute and ladylike. As for Widespread Legs… LOL. You have earned a long nap! 🙂

  7. Widespread Hope
    Widespread Adventure
    Widespread Wisdom
    Widespread Success

  8. murphysgreytrooper says:

    Dizzy and Dipity? What’s going on there in Georgetown – sounds like mass hysteria! Emily is still there? Thot she was leaving after Maydaze – I was sad. Hope its really still her!

  9. swedishmegh says:

    Oh- Widespread Hysteria would be good tooo!

    @Kim- Emily Rosenbaum was replaced with another Emily.

  10. murphysgreytrooper says:

    Ok, thanks.
    Widespread Emotion
    Widespread Comotion

  11. equestriquin says:

    I always wanted “Widespread Rumor.”

  12. equestriquin says:

    ohhh, Kim, I like “Widespread Hysteria.” We can call her “Teri” for short!

  13. bevyc says:

    I know! I know! Widespread Infestation.

    Whatever happened to the lists we made last year?

    @dad from the other thread – Widespread names are just more fun to come up with, sorry. Plus I feel like I came up with every possible one last year and don’t feel like rehashing.

    I don’t think I’ve mentioned Widespread Infestation before though. That’s a keeper. You can call her Fester for a barn name.

  14. hfmoore says:

    Or Festus

  15. She will be Widespread Mayhem!!!!!! Her barn name will be “Dizzy”, as coined by Howard…. Probably because that’s what she’s going to make me three years from now when I try to not fall off of her back!!!

    Great choices guys! These will definitely be saved for next year!

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